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Hexie Echo Easy, Beginner Level Hexagon Quilt Pattern

What happens when we surround a hexagon shape with rows and rows of fabric strips? That's the inspiration for this beautiful new quilt pattern called Hexie Echo!

Hexie Echo Free Quilt PatternHexie (Hexagon) Echo Quilt - Finished size: 51 x 60

Are you looking for the free quilt pattern for the Hexie Echo Quilt? Click Here to download this free quilt pattern!

Quilty Box was an awesome monthly subscription service that delivers quilting fabric, tools, patterns, and supplies to your door every month. The goodies inside are always a wonderful surprise, and I love challenging myself to design a new quilt pattern with each month's materials. 

Extra Quilting Tips and Tricks

Hexie Echo Quilt TutorialThe Hexie Echo quilt pattern includes very detailed cutting instructions for each row of the quilt. Take your time cutting the strips and be sure to keep the strips organized by labeling them with sticky notes so you don't get confused.

Another key to this quilt is careful trimming after each set of three strips is attached. Align your ruler with the edge of the hexagon shape and trim so the edges of the quilt are straight once again.

Be sure to use a sharp rotary cutter and ruler with grips on the bottom so it doesn't slip as you cut. I've just switched to Creative Grids rulers which come with rough grips on the back. I absolutely love these rulers because they don't shift at all, even when cutting long edges!

How to Finish Your Hexie Echo Quilt

After piecing your Hexie Echo Quilt, the next step is to baste it. You can learn my favorite method of quilt basting in the workshop Quilting a King on Your Home Machine.

In this workshop, I demonstrate how to baste a king sized quilt on a table top. Because the quilt is so much larger than the table, I had to baste it in sections and I demonstrate each step of the process in this fun workshop.

Definitely give this workshop a try and learn more about quilting large quilts on your home machine.

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