Learn How to Free Motion Quilt McTavishing

McTavishing is a free motion quilting design that was invented and named after Karen McTavish, a famous longarm quilter.

Mctavishing free motion quilting design

I first learned about McTavishing from Karen's book Mastering the Art of McTavishing, and this book and Karen's design absolutely changed my perspective on free motion quilting.

Up until that point, I'd only quilted Stippling, which is a beautiful texture, and it doesn't contain the movement and flow of McTavishing.

What struck me immediately was how much McTavishing looked like water and wind. This is what first made me realize that free motion quilting designs could have far more texture and flow, and add a much richer effect to the quilt surface.

Using McTavishing in Your Quilts

McTavishing is a gorgeous design to put anywhere on your quilts! The wonderful thing about this design is how easy it is to quilt in all areas of your quilts. It adds a beautiful flowing texture, almost like wind or swirling waves, and looks wonderful when combined with applique.

Learn how to quilt McTavishing in this free motion quilting video: 

McTavishing does involve travel stitching and echoing, two techniques that are absolutely essential to master in free motion quilting. If you find yourself struggling to master travel stitching, just remember that designs like Stippling don't involve traveling at all!

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