Mega Pinwheel Star Quilt

 Mega Pinwheel Star Quilt

Finished Size: 68 x 68 inches

I originally designed the Mega Pinwheel Star Quilt as a challenge to use up the materials in a Quilty Box. But just piecing the quilt top didn't feel like enough. I realized this would be the perfect quilt to experiment with walking foot quilting and see what would happen if I basted it with Minky fabric on the back.

I decided to make a new quilting workshop to walk you through each step of the piecing and quilting process. This became the Mega Star Walking Foot Workshop.

I really loved this piecing and quilting process. This quilt is basically made with one huge quilt block so it's very simple and fast to piece. I knew I wanted this quilt for my couch so I picked light blue Minky fabric for the back.

Minky backing fabric

Little did I know, this would end up creating a quilt my family and I fight over every evening. I must make more quilts with Minky backings!

The thing I love most about the Mega Pinwheel Star quilt is it's simplicity. Yes, you can make a quilt with just one block. Yes, you can make a quilt with just three quilting designs. And yes, you can love that quilt more than your other quilts that are 100 times more complicated. 

Mega Pinwheel Star Quilt

The greatest challenge with this quilt was the walking foot quilting. Up until this point, this was the largest quilt I'd made with this style of quilting and it definitely taught me a lot about shifting the quilt and picking designs that are easier to quilt with a walking foot.

I shared all of the lessons I was learning in the Mega Star Walking Foot Workshop. Here's a short class trailer about this quilt:

I'm so happy I made this quilt and quilted it in videos so you can see how to make it too. My son and I fight over this quilt every evening because it's so soft and squishy and super warm too.

Click Here to find the Mega Star Walking Foot Workshop!

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