Mega Pinwheel Star Free Quilt Pattern

I recently received an email from a quilter that loved the Twin Rainbow Star quilt pattern, but wanted to make the quilt bigger. So this month we're super sizing that quilt to create the Mega Pinwheel Star! Learn how to piece it in this new quilting tutorial:

Mega Pinwheel Star - Finished Size: 64 inches square
Mega Pinwheel Star Quilt Pattern
Click Here to download this free quilt pattern.

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Extra Quilting Tips and Tricks

Mega Pinwheel Star QuiltThe key to piecing this Mega Pinwheel Star quilt is to piece massive half square triangles. Half square triangles are easy shapes to piece using squares. For every two squares you stitch, you will end up with two half square triangles.

However, the massive size of the half square triangles can be tricky to manage. To cut the shapes accurately, use an 18 - 20 inch square ruler and make sure to stabilize the ruler with grippy material like True Grips so it doesn't slip as you cut.

The nice thing about the Mega Pinwheel Star quilt is how fast it will piece together. With minimal cutting and these big half square triangles, you'll have this big throw sized quilt ready for quilting in no time!

But how do we quilt the Mega Pinwheel Star?

Great question! After creating this quilt I really wanted to quilt it with a simple, quick design so I could enjoy this Mega Star quilt on my couch. 

I decided to use a very easy quilting design using only walking foot style quilting. To my surprise, I quilted the Mega Pinwheel Star quilt in less than two weeks! 

Mega Pinwheel Star Quilt

Along the way, I shot more videos to capture the quilting process and I've put them together in a new workshop: the Mega Star Walking Foot Workshop.

In this workshop you will learn how to add a small border to your Mega Pinwheel Star quilt without distorting the edges. You'll then learn how to design a quick quilting design according to the materials you've selected for your quilt.

Along the way I share tips on managing the bulk of the quilt and showcase the mistakes I make and how to avoid them. Learn more about this new quilting workshop in this video:

Click Here to find the Mega Star Walking Foot Workshop!