Mini Block Monday - Quilt Piecing Tutorials with Leah Day

Welcome to Mini Block Monday! Every other Monday, I upload a new video teaching you how to piece a mini 3-inch quilt block. The video tutorials include all the information you need to cut and piece the quilt block.

This quilting series is designed to help you slice up scraps, learn more about quilt blocks, and piece precisely. Make as many or as few blocks as you like! Click the links below to find the tutorials on my blog, The Free Motion Quilting Project:

Churn Dash Quilt Block

Churn Dash Block

Mini Block Pinwheel quilt block

Piece a Pinwheel Quilt Block

How to Piece an Hourglass Mini Quilt Block

 Hourglass Piecing Tutorial

4 X quilt block

Piece a Four X Quilt Block

Simple Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

Simple Heart Quilt Block

On Point Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

On Point Heart Quilt Block

Super Scrappy Heart Quilt Block

Super Scrappy Quilt Block

Two by Two Heart Blocks Tutorial

Two by Two Hearts - Makes 2!

square in a square quilt block

Piece a Square in a Square 

star puzzle mini quilt block

How to Piece Star Puzzle

 Four Leaf Clover Quilt Block

Four Leaf Clover Quilt Block

Mini Carolina Lily

Leah's Carolina Lilly

Card trick quilt block

Card Trick Block

Friendship star quilt block

Friendship Star Block

mini log cabin quilt block

Mini Log Cabin Quilt Block

Spool Mini Quilt Block

Spool Mini Quilt Block

Flying Birds Mini Quilt Block Tutorial

Flying Birds Quilt Block Tutorial 

Rail fence mini quilt block

Rail Fence Block

Open door mini quilt block

Open Door Quilt Block

Patriot star mini quilt block

Mini Patriot Star Block

Stars and stripes mini quilt block

Stars and Stripes Quilt Block

Mini stars half square triangles quilt block

Freedom Stars Block

The Flag Mini Quilt Block

The Flag Mini Block

Sunshine mini block

Piece a Sunshine Mini Block

How to Piece a Monkey Wrench Block

Monkey Wrench Quilt Block

Shoo Fly Quilt Block

Shoo Fly Quilt Block

Bears Paw Mini Quilt Block

Bears Claw Quilt Block

Sugar Bowl Mini Quilt Blocks

Sugar Bowl Blocks

Duck and Ducklings Mini Quilt Block Tutorial

Duck and Ducklings Block

Are you looking for a materials list or pattern? 

You won't need one! All the information to make each block is included in the videos. Just pause the video to record the information you need, then watch the rest to see all the steps.

Do you need to brush up on your piecing skills? Learn all my tips and tricks for piecing precisely in my book How to Piece Perfect Quilts. Click Here to learn more. 

Where are the patterns for the mini blocks?

The patterns for each individual block is included in the video. Just watch, take notes, and make the block by following the video tutorial carefully.

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