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Powering Up the Crafty Cottage with Electricity

Yes! We have power! The Crafty Cottage was ready to be powered up so this week we rented a Ditch Witch from a local hardware equipment rental and dug a trench from the back of the house to the side of the shed.

After digging the ditch, an electrician wired up the RF cable starting at the shed and working up to the house. We shut off the power for just a few minutes to get the final wires in place.

It ended up taking one day to dig the ditch, lay the wire, drill into our house and prepare the boxes both in the house and in the shed. The next morning we turned off the power to the whole house for just a few minutes in order to wire up the new box and then everything tested just fine.

With the power on, I can definitely say the Crafty Cottage is looking more like a craft room than a prebuilt shed. We only have a few steps left to complete - priming, painting, and laying carpet tiles.

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