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How to Quilt Zigzag Path with Your Walking Foot

walking foot t shirt quiltThis fun design is a great choice to quilt as a border around your T-Shirt design. The cool, zigzag texture will look great on the quilt surface and you'll get lots of experience echo quilting with your walking foot.

The only challenging thing about quilting a design like Zigzag Path is the amount of rotation involved. I was spinning my block around like crazy to change direction to quilt my echoes. On a bigger project, this might prove pretty annoying and time consuming, so keep that in mind if you're planning to machine quilt a larger quilt or project with this design.

Let's learn how to machine quilt Zigzag Path in this walking foot video:

walking foot t shirt quiltI love the texture these zigzaggy lines create for the quilt! Don't obsess too much about your lines being perfectly spaced. It's hard to gauge how far to stitch down or over with your walking foot.

With more practice, you will learn how to gauge distance better by using the foot as a guide. For now, enjoy a slightly more organic texture for your Zigzag Path design and don't obsess about every line being exactly spaced apart.

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