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Quilter's Creative Touch 5 (QCT5) Help Tutorials

We've just recently updated to Quilter's Creative Touch 5 and this has changed a lot of features of Grace Company's quilt automation software. I've teamed up with Janet George to create awesome tutorials you can watch and read!

Click the links below to download PDF help files created by Janet and watch the videos (and more are coming soon!) to guide you through the tutorials.

How to Quilt Blocks with Quilter's Creative Touch 5

QCT5 Block Pattern Power Placement PDF

Learn how to place blocks on your quilt using the new Power Placement system in Quilter's Creative Touch 5. Also learn how to turn off this feature to go back to the way it worked with QCT4.

I created this tutorial based on this PDF file to walk you through it step-by-step!

How to Quilt Nested Pantographs with Quilter's Creative Touch 5

Updated! Nested Pantographs for QCT5 Beginner PDF

This PDF has been updated to the latest version of QCT5 and has steps slightly different from the tutorial below.

The Pantographs system works differently between the Quilter's Creative Touch Beginnings and Pro levels of the software. This PDF is specifically written for the Beginnings version, which only allows you to quilt two rows.

Watch this tutorial to see how to quilt perfectly spaced nested pantographs on your quilts. I also did a partial row for the top and bottom edges and showed this as well.

Note: I do think nested pantos are more challenging to understand and quilt evenly! For your easiest first experience, try a non-nested pantograph with the size of the rows dividing evenly into the quilt. Yes, I'm working on a video on this too!

How to Quilt Non-Nested Pantographs with QCT5

Updated! Non-Nested Pantographs for QCT5 Beginner PDF Tutorial

These instructions have been updated to the newest version of QCT5.

This tutorial explains how to plan your pantographs so the rows don't overlap one another. This is a simpler process and easier to get started with and understand how to space the rows.

Video tutorial coming soon!

Power Panto for QCT5 Pro Version

QCT5 Power Panto for Pro Version PDF

You have the power of Panto in your hands! Check out all the cool things you can do with the Pro version of the software and the ability to design your entire quilt with multiple rows and designs.

Video tutorial coming soon!

How to Quilt Borders and Corners with QCT5

Borders and Corners PDF for Beginner and Pro

Learn how to place borders accurately on your quilt and stitch a seamless design that flows through the corners and down the sides of your quilt. 

Video tutorial coming soon!

How to Upgrade from QCT 4 to QCT 5

Upgrade from QCT4 PDF

Learn how to upgrade your system from Quilter's Creative Touch 4 to version 5. You will need to be connected to your longarm and to the internet to do this upgrade.

Watch this video to see how I upgraded my system on my Qnique 21 and Continuum Frame:

Click Here to learn more about Quilter's Creative Touch 5 and how you can easily place and quilt designs with Quilt Automation!

How to Add QCT to a Continuum Frame

This video is a little outdated. Our current software is QCT5 and we now have new Continuum II frames. This video can still give you a great reference for how this system attaches to your carriage and works with your longarm. 

How to Register Your QCT Software

It's very important to register your QCT software so you don't get annoying messages at startup and so you maintain the full capacity of your software. Learn how and troubleshoot beginning issues in this video:

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