Salsa Verde King Sized Quilt

Salsa Verde King Sized Patchwork Quilt

Finished Size: 108" x 108"

Learn how to quilt Salsa Verde in the Video Workshop - Quilting a King on Your Home Machine.

I designed the Salsa Verde king sized quilt in 2014, largely for two reasons: we needed a new king sized quilt for the bed and I wanted to film a new video workshop on quilting a large quilt on a smaller machine.

My inspiration for the quilt design was the half square triangles. I found myself wondering how big I could design a star with very large triangle shapes and the quilt design just grew from there. Incorporating the very large pieced borders was also a fun challenge, both for the piecing construction and the machine quilting design.

After the quilt was complete, we began filming the new video workshop in the summer of 2014 with a lesson on basting. King sized quilts are definitely a beast to baste, but between my dad Max Gray, my husband Josh, and myself we filmed a wonderful step-by-step tutorial together.

King size quilt on domestic machineAfter that initial first video, Salsa Verde was set aside as other projects including the book How to Piece Perfect Quilts and Dancing Butterfly Quilt Pattern were produced. I kept wanting to get back to the king quilt project, but other projects and quilts kept getting in the way.

One major issue with filming this video workshop was having the time and quiet space to film. Up until this point, I shot all of my videos in my basement studio which had become a pretty noisy place with both Dad and Josh working downstairs with me every day.

We finally found a solution by building the Crafty Cottage which gave me a quiet place to film videos uninterrupted.

I filmed the remaining nineteen videos in June and July 2015, covering all aspects of quilting a king on a smaller machine. The machine I used throughout the process was the Juki Exceed F400, which proved to be an awesome workhorse and is now one of my favorite quilting machines.

Filming in the Crafty Cottage also allowed me to shoot new video angles over the machine so you can easily see how I shift and maneuver the quilt while quilting through each section. Of all the videos I've produced, and the DVDs we've previously released, I know this new Video Workshop will be our best yet!

Learn how to quilt your own version of the Salsa Verde quilt in the new Video Workshop - Quilting a King on Your Home Machine