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Salsa Verde King Sized Quilt

Salsa Verde King Sized Patchwork Quilt

Finished Size: 108" x 108"

Learn how to quilt Salsa Verde in the Video Workshop - Quilting a King on Your Home Machine.

I designed the Salsa Verde king sized quilt in 2014, largely for two reasons: we needed a new king sized quilt for the bed and I wanted to film a new video workshop on quilting a large quilt on a smaller machine.

My inspiration for the quilt design was the half square triangles. I found myself wondering how big I could design a star with very large triangle shapes and the quilt design just grew from there. Incorporating the very large pieced borders was also a fun challenge, both for the piecing construction and the machine quilting design.

After the quilt was complete, we began filming the new video workshop in the summer of 2014 with a lesson on basting. King sized quilts are definitely a beast to baste, but between our employee piecer, my husband Josh, and myself we filmed a wonderful step-by-step tutorial together.

King size quilt on domestic machine

After that initial first video, Salsa Verde was set aside as other projects were produced. I kept wanting to get back to the king quilt project, but other projects and quilts kept getting in the way.

I filmed the remaining nineteen videos in June and July 2015, covering all aspects of quilting a king on a smaller machine. Of all the videos I've produced, and the DVDs we've previously released, I know this new Video Workshop will be our best yet.

Learn how to quilt your own version of the Salsa Verde quilt in the new Video Workshop - Quilting a King on Your Home Machine

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