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Sashing Splendor Free Quilt Pattern and Quilting Tutorial

Some fabrics just look better in the sashing so here's a quilt to show them off with plenty of plain space for beautiful machine quilting! 

Sashing Splendor
Finished Size: 58 x 69 inches

Sashing Splendor free quilt pattern
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Sashing Splendor Free Quilt PatternExtra Tips and Tricks

The Sashing Splendor Quilt is a very simple quilt created with rectangles and squares. You may have already pieced this quilt before, but used white fabric for the sashing and pieced blocks or printed fabrics for the squares and cornerstones.

The key to quilts like this is good fabric preparation. I prewashed, starched, and pressed my fabric before cutting it into squares and rectangles. Because the fabric was stiff and stable, I was able to piece this quilt very quickly with minimal pinning.

You can learn more about my piecing tips and habits in the book How to Piece Perfect Quilts. I dig into each step of the quilting piecing process to explain not just how, but also why these methods will improve your quilts and ensure all your seams match perfectly.

Click Here to check out How to Piece Perfect Quilts.

The wonderful thing about the Sashing Splendor Quilt is all the beautiful space open to quilt it! To build your quilting skills, consider quilting each white square with a different design. Find inspiration in the Quilting Design Gallery and learn how to quilt over 475 designs with me!

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