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Sixty Slice Free Quilt Pattern for Fat Eighths

Do you have a stash of fat eighths or fat quarters that you don't know what to do with? Consider slashing and stitching to create this Sixty Slice quilt!

Sixty Slice Quilt 
Finished Size: 47 x 62 inches

Sixty Slice Free Quilt Pattern

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Extra Quilting Tips and Tricks

The Sixty Slice quilt is super fast and easy to piece, but the whole process will be faster and easier if you prewash, starch, and press your fat eighth cuts of fabric first. Click Here to see how I prepare fabric before cutting.

I know fat eighths are a bit small and will probably fray badly during the wash. Be patient and clip the threads apart and untangle the pieces before drying. It takes an extra ten minutes tops, but will ensure you can wash the finished quilt without ever having to worry about the fabrics bleeding into one another.

Once your fat eighths are ready, you might be tempted to square them up all nice and straight. Don't bother. You're going to have to cut the finished rectangular block down anyway so it makes sense to cut the 60-degree angle and piece in the middle strip with the fabric as is.

Sixty Slice Free Quilt Pattern

One thing to keep in mind is all my lengths for the 2 1/2 inch strips are a bit longer than needed. I wrote the pattern this way so it would be faster to piece all the blocks, then all you have to do is trim the rectangles down to the correct size.

I've been leaning towards larger blocks lately and I do think a big 18 1/2-inch ruler is an important tool to have if you have room to store it. When piecing large blocks like this it makes it so much easier to square the edges and sides with one ruler rather than butting them together.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to piece the Sixty Slice Quilt!

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