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Sunshine Surprise Sampler Quilt - Machine Quilting Block Party 2016

Sunshine Surprise Sampler Quilt

Sunshine Surprise
Finished Size: 43 x 58
4th Quilt in the Sampler Series

In 2016, I wanted to try a new way to share a quilt along and began the Machine Quilting Block Party. Each month, a new block pattern would be released and we'd piece and quilt the new block together. Click Here to find the patterns for this quilt.

Sunshine Surprise Walking Foot QuiltingSunshine Surprise was a wonderful project to quilt along together and I enjoyed teaching half square triangles, flying geese, square-in-a-square, and paper piecing along with free motion quilting and walking foot quilting too.

This was our first mystery quilt along which was also nice because it took some of the design pressure off my shoulders. I actually didn't have all the blocks fully designed and stitched before this quilt along began on January 1st, 2016! I got it all finished in a hurry because it quickly became the biggest quilt along we'd hosted so far.

Creating this quilt pushed me to share even better tutorials and it was during this project I began introducing all my videos with "Hello My Quilting Friends!" because that's exactly what it felt like. I have to admit, I think Sunshine Surprise is my best sampler quilt so far!

I've set up all the videos for this quilt along into a playlist so you can easily watch the videos in order. Just click play and learn how to piece and quilt every block in this quilt:

Just in case you'd like to read more about each block and find tips on piecing and quilting, you can find all the original posts listed here in order:

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Quilting block 10 Piecing block 11 Quilting block 11
Piecing block 12 Quilting block 12 Connecting the blocks

Yes, you can still make the Sunshine Surprise quilt too! Click Here to find all the quilt patterns for this project.

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