Janome Convertible Free Motion Darning Foot


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Free Motion Quilting can be FUN with the BEST Darning Foot Ever Designed!

Janome has designed the very best Convertible Darning Foot with interchangeable bases to expand your free motion quilting capabilities. Check out the different bases included with this Convertible Darning Foot:

Janome Convertible Foot Open Toe

Open Toe - This base gives you great visibility of the needle. This makes travel stitching much easier and more accurate. This is my favorite base for general free motion quilting on a large and small scale.

Janome Convertible Foot Closed Toe

Closed Toe - This base allows you to quilt around appliques and over fuzzy fabrics that would normally catch on the prongs of the Open Toe base. The small size is perfect for quilting around tricky spots and on a micro scale.

Janome Convertible Foot Echo Base

Echo Base - This wide plastic base will help you quilt designs bigger, with a wide spacing between your lines of quilting.

* Not included with the high speed / lockstitch version for Janome 1600 and HD9

Even better, this darning foot is designed with a height-adjustment spring. Eliminate skipped stitches and reduce thread breaks by making sure your foot is always at the perfect height over your quilt.

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Learn how to use this foot (and find a lot more tips on free motion quilting!) in this quilting tutorial:

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Convertible Darning Foot Compatibility

We have foot sets compatible with all Janome Home Sewing Machines. Please enter the name and model number for your machine above and we will select the correct foot for you.

If we cannot guarantee the compatibility of the Convertible Darning Foot, we will refund your purchase.

*Note* - The Convertible Free Motion Darning Foot is not compatible with ANY Bernina sewing machines.

You can find a cheaper darning foot for low shank home sewing machines here, but this foot is not well designed and requires modification to work even half as well as Janome's Convertible Darning Foot.

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