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This Dream Goddess planner is designed to help you focus on one dream achievement and make it a reality. Use this creative journal to help you break down a huge task like writing a book, painting a mural, or piecing a quilt into achievable goals and weekly tasks.

Do you have a dream achievement, a special project you long to focus on? This could be a book you’ve always wanted to write, a picture to paint, or a quilt to enjoy in your home. Have you been putting off this dream for years? Do you wish you had more time to focus on your favorite art or craft?

This Dream Goddess planner is designed just for you!

This three month planner includes undated blank calendars so you can fill in the spaces to fit any month of any year. Easily keep your dream achievement your #1 priority by organizing your month around one goal. Break that goal down into manageable pieces to be completed each week.

Dream Goddess 3 Month Planner

The detailed daily pages consist of a full page spread with space to record your dream achievement, the goal of the month, and your focus for the week. This will help you decide on three simple tasks to accomplish every day.

There is also space for journaling the limiting thoughts that arise when working on your dream achievement. It’s easy to get bogged down with the millions of other tasks we “should” do. Get all those little stresses out of your mind and on the page so you can identify what you need and want to do next.

Dream Goddess 3 Month Planner

This creative journal includes photos of Leah Day’s goddess quilts and inspiring questions to help you focus on your dream achievement.

It’s time to stop putting off your most meaningful projects for "one day" because eventually your days will run out. It’s time to focus on achieving your highest potential and making your dream achievement a reality.

Beautifully illustrated and designed, this planner and creative journal is sure to motivate you to stop putting off your dreams and get started this month!

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