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Fun with Free Motion Quilting Guild Video

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Calling all Quilt Guilds! Ready to have Fun with Free Motion Quilting?

This 1 hour video presentation is designed for quilt guilds and bees. Rather than pay the high price of travel and teaching fees, save on your monthly guest speaker with this video presentation created by Leah Day.

Fun with Free Motion Quilting Quilt Guild Lecture Video

How does this work?

Leah and Josh Day have created this video presentation so it can be downloaded, streamed, and shared to all members of your quilt guild or bee. Whether you are meeting in person or virtually, this video presentation is designed to be shared with all members of your quilting group.

After completing payment, you will receive a link via email to download a PDF file. The PDF will contain instructions for the guild Program Chairman, a 1 page print-out for guild members, and a link to view the presentation, Fun with Free Motion Quilting, online.

When you click on the link, it will take you to a page on Vimeo.com to watch the video and download it to your computer. Please download the video, and make a few copies on flash drives so your guild has access to it whenever they want. You will need a minimum of 8 gigs of space on a flash drive to hold this file.

If you're meeting in person, you can then use a digital projector or large smart TV to display the video to all members. Check your local library to see if you can rent a digital projector and projector screen for an evening for this guild event.

If your guild is currently meeting online, simply include the video link or PDF in your monthly newsletter to all members.Fun with Free Motion Quilting

Recent Quilt Guild Review

I purchased this video for my quilters guild and found it to be a five-star product. It was excellent for our inexperienced quilters and was jam-packed with info for all of us. It was easy to download and show on our meeting venue's AV equipment.

In addition to the bargain price, compared to a live speaker, it gave me the opportunity to pause and rewind if audience members wanted to re-watch a particular part during the presentation. I printed out the Citrus Slice practice design and handed it out for members to take home and trace onto practice sandwiches that I had prepared for them.

~ D. Mallen 2023

Ready to Begin Free Motion Quilting?

Fun with Free Motion Quilting is all about paper piecing... just kidding! This presentation is all about machine quilting and how to begin quilting your own quilts on your home machine.

Your guild will learn the following:

  • Five simple shapes to begin stitching.
  • How to set up your machine for free motion quilting.
  • Do you really need to drop your feed dogs?
  • How to know if you're having tension issues or not.
  • What it realistically looks like to begin free motion quilting.

Unlike typical guild lectures that are mostly fluffy entertainment, Fun with Free Motion Quilting is filled to the brim with information and education your guild members need to begin quilting their own quilts.

Don't forget to make copies of the Citrus Slice quilting motif to hand out to all your members so they can practice quilting on the marked lines of this design!

Fun with Free Motion Quilting Citrus Slice Design

Frequently Asked Questions

My guild is 500 members. How many times do I need to buy this?

You only need to purchase this video one time. No matter how big or small your quilting group, this presentation only requires a one time purchase.

I'm only one single person. Is the price the same?

Yes. To keep things simple, the price is the same regardless if you are purchasing for an individual or for a group. You can always have a friend or two go in with you and make copies!

Does this video have closed captioning for hearing impaired?

No, at this time, Fun with Free Motion Quilting is not closed captioned. We hope to add this soon.

Can Leah come speak in person?

No. While I would love to visit everyone in person, it's just not possible. Travel is expensive and stressful and we have found the best way to share our love of quilting is to create this presentation so that any English speaking quilt guild or group can learn with us.

Can I share this video on Facebook?

No. Because there is so much free sharing on sites like Facebook, we would prefer you not to share Fun with Free Motion Quilting on Facebook. 

Please share this presentation by:

  • Watching the video in person at your monthly guild meeting
  • Including a flash drive with a copy of the video in your guild library
  • Sending the PDF which includes the video link and Citrus Slice motif to all members via email

Can you mail me a DVD or flash drive with the video on it?

No, this is not currently available at this time.

Do you have more questions? Click Here to contact us for more information about Fun with Free Motion Quilting!

Fun with Free Motion Quilting Guild Presentation

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Fun with Free Motion Quilting Quilt Guild Video

Fun with Free Motion Quilting Guild Video

$ 199.99 $ 299.00
Calling all Quilt Guilds! Ready to have Fun with Free Motion Quilting? This 1 hour...
View product