Continuum II Frame Idler Rail

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Advance Your Quilts Faster Through Your Continuum II Frame with the Idler Rail!

As you stitch a big quilt on the Continuum II Frame, your quilt will roll up on the back bar. When you advance the quilt, you'll need to adjust this bar to rest higher and higher on the frame to create space for the big roll of the quilt. As you can see in this photo, you will have to adjust the back rail several inches up to accommodate bigger quilts:

Quilting on the Continuum Frame

All this adjusting of the back rail can get annoying, especially when you're quilting a big quilt on a time limit. Wouldn't it be great to not have to do all this adjusting and fiddling every time you advance your quilt?

This is why you need an Idler Rail!

Continuum Frame Idler Rail

This is an additional rail you add to the back of your Continuum II Frame. This stationary rail will rest in the position of your original back rail, and includes a bracket to shift your back rail higher. This allows you to advance your quilt and NOT have to adjust anything as the quilt builds up on the back rail!

See how this works in this quilting tutorial:

The Idler Rail allows the quilt to collect on the take-up rail at a higher position so you don't have to stop quilting to adjust the height of the back rail. This accessory should only be used with longarm quilting machines like the Grace Qnique 19 or 21.

Unfortunately the Idler Rail will shrink the amount of space you have to quilt in by 2 inches.

For this reason, it's not advisable to use this rail with the Qnique 15 or a home machine on the Continuum II Frame.

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