Mini Slide Quilting Ruler

Leah Day Rulers

$ 22.95 

Quilt and Cut Gentle Curves with the Mini Slide Quilting Ruler!

The Mini Slide Ruler is available in two thicknesses: 1/8-inch for home machines and 1/4-inch for longarms. Please enter your machine's make and model so we can be sure you've selected the right ruler!

Note: Some home machines like Bernina and Janome are designed to work with the thicker 1/4-inch rulers. If you've purchased rulers in the past, simply measure the thickness to know which works for you.

Ruler foot quilting is a new way to free motion quilt using rulers or templates to guide the design. Simply position your ruler on your quilt, press it against a ruler quilting foot and gently steer both the quilt and the ruler through your machine.

Mini Slide quilting ruler with curves

Be sure to add something grippy to the back of the rulers like True Grips so they don't slip as you guide the quilt and the ruler through the machine.

Slice Quilting Ruler True Grips

The Mini Slide Quilting Ruler is perfectly designed for machine quilting on any type of machine. You can use this ruler to easily space curving lines on your quilt to create dozens of unique quilting designs.

Mini Slide machine quilting ruler

Continuous Line - The curves on this Mini Slide and the Super Slide Rulers are Continuous Line. If you stop quilting 1/4 inch from the edge, you can reposition the ruler to quilt an identical curve over your quilt. This is perfect for quilting borders and evenly spaced designs over your entire quilt!

You can also use this ruler to cut gentle curves and even add scallops to the edges of your quilt like this Midnight Sunburst quilt!

Midnight Sunburst Dresden Plate Quilt

Mini Slide Ruler Details:

Size: 3 x 7 inches
Shape: Continuous gentle curve on both sides of the ruler
1/4 inch lines etched lines over the entire ruler for easy alignment 

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 Note: Newer Bernina machines with the #72 ruler foot can use either the home or longarm thickness, but Bernina recommends using the thicker 1/4-inch thick rulers (for longarm machines) with this foot.