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Computerized Quilting Software - Quilters Creative Touch 6

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Did you know you can add automated quilting software - Quilter's Creative Touch 6 - to your Grace quilting frame? This computer quilting system and software will transform any Qnique (or Little Rebel) into a computerized long arm quilting machine. Let's start quilting faster and easier today!

Computerized Quilting Machines Finish Your Quilts Faster!

Quilters Creative Touch 6 is name for Grace Company's computerized quilting software. By attaching this system to your quilting frame, you'll be able to finish your quilts faster and easier. It's as simple as:

  1. Pick a design. Over 100 new designs are pre-loaded into the new QCT6 software.
  2. Place the design. Roll your machine into position and tap your computer screen to place your design exactly where you want it.
  3. Quilt your quilt. Hit "start" and let Quilter's Creative Touch 6 quilt your quilt automatically!

It really is as easy as pick, place, and quilt!

The Evolution of Machine Quilting

Mastering machine quilting is a challenge for most quilters. Yes, using a long arm quilting machine on a frame does make quilting physically easier. However, it can still take several months to years to be able to quilt the designs you like best.

This is why Grace Company has developed Quilters Creative Touch 6 - so quilters don't have to wait!

This computerized quilting software was designed for quilters of all skill levels. Beginners can use this computerized quilting software to quilt an entire quilt from start to finish.

Advanced quilters will love the time saving aspects of computerized quilting. Yes, you could stitch a complex design with the help of a quilting ruler. Save time and finish more quilts with help from QCT 6.

Let's Start Computerized Quilting with QCT 6

The new baseline QCT 6 is even easier and faster for quilters to use. This version of the software will stitch edge-to-edge across your quilt. This takes one quilting design and stitches from one edge of the quilt to the other.

See all the steps to using QCT 6 with the Little Rebel and Cutie Breeze Frame in this computerized quilting video: 

Are you unsure if this computerized quilting software is right for you? This is a really fun way to quilt your quilts, but if you're easily intimidated by computers, electronics, or updating software, it may not be the best quilting style for you.

Click Here to find our Computerized Quilting Help Tutorials. Please watch all of the videos on this page and consider the steps to attaching QCT to your frame and machine and maintaining your software.

What Does Quilters Creative Touch 6 Include?

This computerized quilting package has everything you need to turn your Qnique longarm or Little Rebel sewing machine into a computerized quilting system:

  • Quilt Motion motor plate to move the machine on your quilting frame.
  • Belts to precisely guide your quilting design.
  • QCT 6 Computerized quilting machine software

Note: Quilters Creative Touch 6 does not include the Windows based tablet to operate the software. Click Here to find the computer tablet currently used and recommended for QCT by Grace Company Tech Support.

Note, you will also need an adapter to plug in your QCT flash drive when using this computer. 

Quilters Creative Touch 6 Software Levels

This new version of Quilters Creative Touch has been specially designed for beginners to computerized quilting. We've simplified the software to make it more affordable and easier to learn. At any time you can purchase an upgrade kit to expand the features, placement methods, and quilting designs within the software.

But you don't have to start at the lowest level of the software!

Quilter's Creative Touch 6 has four levels to the software and you can start with the basics, or the more advanced levels to fit your quilting needs. Read more about each version of the software below:

Level 1 - What Can I Quilt with Quilters Creative Touch 6?

QCT 6 is the lowest level of the software and designed to quilt edge-to-edge pantograph designs only. The simplified placement method will help you place and quilt one single design across your quilt. Pick from 100 designs included with the software, plan, place and quilt your design!

This level is perfect for beginners to automation and quilters wanting to finish quilts faster with edge-to-edge quilting. QCT 6 also makes it easier to quilt edge-to-edge on a hoop frame. Built-in tools make it faster to stitch across your quilt and line up the next row of the design.

Level 2 - Quilter's Creative Touch 6 PLUS Features

Each upgrade level of QCT 6 will give you more quilting designs and placement features. The second level of the software includes:

  • Over 200 built-in digitized quilting designs.
  • PantoStacker - Customize your pantograph designs with the ability to stagger and offset designs.
  • Power Placement - Place and stitch single blocks, triangles, and more.
  • Easy pattern sizing, rotating and flipping.
  • Rulers and centering guides.
  • Print any pattern or pantograph.
  • Import digitized quilting designs into the software.

Level 3 - Go PRO with QCT 6 PRO Features

The third level of Quilters Creative Touch 6 gives you even more control over your quilting designs and placement methods. This level of the software includes:

  • All the features from QCT 6 Plus.
  • Advanced pattern placement options.
  • Create and edit patterns with Pattern CAD.
  • Design entire quilt layouts with Quilt CAD.
  • Record free motion quilting stitching as patterns.
  • Create and save templates for future use.

Level 4 - Gold Card Access Subscription

The highest level of Quilters Creative Touch 6 includes the very best quilting features and designs. You must have Quilter's Creative Touch PRO in order to add a Gold Card subscription. Subscriptions last for 365 days after you activate the Gold Card code. This software level includes:

  • Borders and Corners - Easily plan and quilt unique borders that exactly fit your quilt.
  • Font Stitcher - Convert written words in special fonts into quilting designs.
  • Advanced PantoStacker - Get ultimate control over your pantograph designs and placement methods.
  • Gold Card patterns - More quilting designs including unique border corner designs.
  • Pattern eClipse - Clip away part of your quilting design around blocks or appliques.
  • Multi-Pattern Placement - Quilt blocks much faster by placing each design then letting the machine quilt them in sequence.

Click Here to find the Gold Card Subscription Upgrade

Upgrade your Computerized Quilting Software Anytime

Begin computerized quilting today with Quilters Creative Touch 6. This base level is priced affordably so you can give quilting automation a try without breaking the bank. You can also get comfortable with the basics of computerized quilting without being overwhelmed with too many features.

Whenever you're ready, upgrade your software to another level. Breaking up the cost of upgrades over time makes computerized quilting affordable to most quilters. Click Here to find our upgrade packages for QCT 6.

Unlimited Creativity with Computerized Quilting

Quilter's Creative Touch has revolutionized the way quilters design and create their quilts. This software allows quilters pick designs and stitch them automatically with a computer. This process saves time and ensures a perfect quilting design - exactly where you want it!

Need help picking the right software level for you? Click Here to contact Leah Day for advice.

Computer Requirements

This package does not include the computer tablet required to run the software. You will need a Windows based tablet running Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher with a full sized USB Port. This software will not work with any version of Windows RT. Affiliate - Click Here to find the computer tablet currently used and recommended for QCT by Grace Company Tech Support.

Note: The Surface Pro 9 5G and Surface Pro X will not work with QCT.

For best results, select a tablet with a 1.66 GHz or faster processor, 64 GB hard drive with at least 2 GB free for installation. 2 GB or more of RAM is recommend as well as a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

The included tablet bracket will hold tablets with screen sizes from 10 to 12 inches. Most computer tablet screens are measured diagonally, so any computer listed as measuring 11.5 - 13.75 inches diagonally will fit the QCT bracket.

An internet connection is necessary for the software registration, activation, and card access benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about QCT Computerized Quilting Software

Can I import quilting designs with QCT 6?

No. The new base level QCT 6 comes with over 100 built in designs. To be able to import more designs, you'll need to get QCT 6 Plus.

I have QCT 5 Beginnings. Will this update to QCT 6?

Yes. If you update your software, QCT 5 Beginnings will update to QCT 6 Plus. QCT 5 PRO will update to QCT 6 PRO. If you have Gold Card Access, your subscription will continue for the time you have remaining.

Click Here to find our QCT 6 Help Files on updating and upgrading your software.

Where do I find upgrades to QCT 6?

Click Here to find upgrade packages for your QCT 6 computerized quilting software. You can change from QCT 6 to QCT 6 Plus, or directly to QCT 6 PRO.

Will QCT 6 work with my home machine? Will QCT 6 work with another longarm or frame?

QCT 6 is only compatible with Qnique longarms and the Little Rebel sewing machine at this time.

If you have QCT 5 on a home sewing machine, do not update your software in November 2023. You'll need to stick with QCT 5 until the software is compatible with more home sewing machines.

Do you have more questions about this affordable computerized quilting software? Click Here to ask your questions and get the help you need!

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Affordable Computerized Quilting Software QCT 6

Computerized Quilting Software - Quilters Creative Touch 6

From $ 2,999.99 $ 3,499.95
Did you know you can add automated quilting software - Quilter's Creative Touch 6 -...

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