Quilting Back Support


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Shipping Exclusion - Due to the weight of this tool, the Quilter's Back Support only ships addresses within the US.

Improve your posture and reduce back strain while quilting!

The Quilting Back Support is an adjustable back support brace that comfortably improves your posture while quilting and sewing. When adjusted properly, a two pound weight rests at your low back, and acts like a gentle counter weight to your body's natural tendency to curl forward.

The result is excellent, easy to maintain upright posture. The Quilting Back Support can not only reduce back pain and fatigue it also improves your posture, preventing potential long-term health problems.

Watch the video below to see how Leah Day is using this tool to improve her posture while free motion quilting:

The Quilting Back Support is also ideal for improving your posture while working on a computer or sitting at a desk. The gentle weight makes sitting up straight more comfortable and easier to maintain

Note from Leah Day: I've been crafting and sewing since childhood and unfortunately never developed good posture habits. I'd frequently hunch over, straining the muscles in my upper back and neck for long periods of time.

This has resulted in a lot of pain and headaches as an adult, especially after quilting or working on a computer extensively. When I found the Quilter's Back Support, I was skeptical that adding weight to my back would really help my posture, but after trying it on and getting the size adjusted just right, I found immediate improvement.

The gentle counter balance of the weight makes it easy to sit up straight and keep my shoulders back. The first week I wore the back support, my back did hurt a bit as my muscles compensated for the extra weight and new upright position I'd never maintained for long before.

With more practice, I find this tool to be absolutely essential for both quilting and working for long periods on a computer. I no longer find myself hunched over in a terrible position, or in extreme pain after a day of quilting. The improved posture has also been noted by my family, even when I'm not wearing the back support and that feels great!

Shipping Exclusion - Due to the weight of this tool, the Quilter's Back Support only ships addresses within the US.