Welcome to the New LeahDay.com!

Leah and Josh DayWelcome and thank you for swinging by our new site! This has been a big transition for us over the last month, and we're so happy to finally release this new site to the world.

Just to give you a bit of perspective, building a new website is kind of like moving a physical store across town. You're worried people won't know where to find you, you're stressed about all the unknowns, but ultimately you know the move is going to be great for yourself and your business.

Yes, we've been a bit worried about this transition, but after extensive testing and weeks of preparation, we're both confident this new LeahDay.com is going to be even more awesome than the old site.

Of course it's easy to miss small links when transferring a massive site, so if you notice anything missing or needing work, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll correct it.

Whew! Now that all this site work is done, I really need to go quilt!

Leah Day


Hi Jennette, here is our newsletter signup page: https://leahday.com/pages/newsletter

Leah Day,

I want to receive your newsletter or other postings. Not sure how but here is my contact info.

Jennette Bennett,

I watched your video on how to make a thirst quilt. You had at shirt that was worn from washing. You recommended that the square cut be pit on another fabric to add stability. Did you appliqué it ?

Ronnie Dilbert,

Hi Lisa – My best advice is to keep troubleshooting the issues. I’d try a different needle type, then try a different thread type and see if it helps. Stay patient and keep trying new things, but keep track of the changes so you know what you’re adjusting and record your progress.

Leah Day,

I just bout a juki qvp2000 and am trying the fmq but having problems- at first tension was loose on bobbin. I tightened, now it’s skipping stitches! Ugh. I’ve changed my needle, cleaned it out, adj tension, did all troubleshooting I can think of (thread is same on top and bottom). Help

Lisa Wright,

Getting the quilt to move smoothly!


I would greatly appreciate suggestions for quilt management on sit-down longarms. I have drawn, and stitched on muslin, but getting the quilt smoothly is sometimes quite the challenge. While I have been quilting for quite awhile, my work has the telltale beginner stops and starts. Help! Thanks!


Just purchased a sit down quilting machine. Good friend wants me to quilt a tee shirt quilt she recently completed. She would like meandering, I am concerned about stitching on some of the designs on the shirts that are not fabric. Should I just stitch around designs? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Hi Leah. Just want you to know that I’ve been searching for months and watching so many videos on the basics of free quilting and you are my favorite. You speak so clearly and slow enough to grasp everything. Your teaching is also very detailed. Right after watching your basic wiggles video, I went to my machine and tried it. WOW, I really CAN do it. Also I tried your idea of not lowering the feed dogs and I really believe that makes the big difference. My stitches are more consistent now. Thank you so much. You have a pure talent for teaching.


Hi Leah. i have been a follower of your site for many years, and I admire the work you have done to encourage free motion quilting on a domestic machine. I enjoy free motion quilting and quilt all my projects, a very satisfying experience. I do have a question for you. Several years ago, you were working on a project called “Batik Beauty”, and after many years, I have now taken out my batik beauty quilt top and and am ready to quilt the blocks,. I am having diffieculty retreiving your blog posts in 2012 on this project, as I keep getting errors when I go there. Is there some place I can see your completed quilt and how you had done your quilting on it. I am looking of ideas to complete the quilt. Thanks in advance.

Linda Hays,

I have just watched your “Dancing Butterly” tutorial, as well as last night I watched “Building Blocks” with you and your husband Josh. A few expressions; love your teaching style, love that you had Josh quilt with you. Having an experienced teacher sew along with their student was so eye opening for me. Thanks for inspiring me..

Denise ,

Thank you Leah! I love your site and videos! You taught me how to quilt!

Laurel Placette,

Sorry I missed your messages earlier this month! Getting used to this new system has been quite an adventure.

Yes, we will be coming out with Free Motion Quilting from Flames to Feathers as a video workshop soon. Currently it is not available.

The book, Free Motion Quilting from Feathers to Flames is available right here: http://leahday.com/collections/books-and-patterns/products/feathers-to-flames

Thank you!

Leah Day

Leah Day,

Hi Leah, I recently found you on Pintrest. Your free motion quilting videos are inspiring. I’m working on a Christmas quilt and its ready to be quilted. I’m going to do a few practice pieces as suggested then give it a go instead of the old stitch in the ditch! Thank you and love your site. Maureen


I love the new layout. I am still familiarizing myself with the changes, however, it is only a matter of time. I am a diehard fan of Leah and I love everything she does. Happy birthday!! In life we must always innovate and never give up to do new things. You have a lot of success always!

Samira Cabral Furtado,

I think both you and your husband are to be admired. Like the phoenix your site has risen again and it is a joy! Everything is very clear and easy to navigate even for an oldie like me. I read your family history on ‘about us’ and couldn’t believe how similar our backgrounds are. I am twice your age and would be proud to have you as a daughter. I wish I had the insight and wisdom you gained at a much earlier age like you did. You are beautiful and talented, have a lovely family, and I wish all three of you a wonderful future, though I am sure you most certainly will. You deserve it.

kathleen mckirkle,

I recently purchased 365 free Motions Quilting Design. My question – I used to be able to sort the designs on-line by skill level. Can I still do that? Thanks for your help.

Sue M,

Love the new site.
So sorry you had to go through the upsetting part of it.
I appreciate your honesty and the update.
Thank you for all you do for us quilters.


It’s not often you come across such an easy to manoeuvre site. Everything you need is at your fingertips to discover. I love the quilting design gallery as I can see every design at a glance. Bravo. Well done.

Jacquie Alves,

Great new website Leah :-) All the very best moving forward in your new “store”.


I love your new site. Such lightness and fun. Change is scary and now look. An awesome site. Great job Josh and Leah.


Great job! In the midst of turmoil it’s difficult to see the silver lining, but you handled it well and you are so much better for it – business wise and personally wise! Keep charging forward!

Wanda Black,

Nice work! I’m sure it was a tough, consuming slog, but you are way ahead of the game now. Your site is inviting and beautiful. Be proud!

JOAnne Morrical,

Hi its Nasreen again, sorry I wrote the name of the DVD I bought incorrect, I actually bought" Free motion quilting From Flames to Feathers, learn over 30 fun designs in a real quilt" .I would like to get the companion book as it is easy to have it by my machine , but today I can’t find it on line.

nasreen Saeedi,

Congrats , Leah I am your biggest fan for years, I must have watched zillions of your videos, they are very helpful, I love your voice & your commentary as you sew, you make things easy & simple for us.Wish you all the success in future, you are doing gr8, Keep it up.
My question is I recently bought your DVD,free motion quilting from Feathers to Flames,( in fact few years ago I bought a downloadable version, but could find it,not that computer savvy)any way I loved it specially how to do the sashing ,I also saw a companion book with it that I’d like to have but today I can’t find that online,please help.

Nasreen Saeedi,

Love the new look. Very refreshing, great job to all of you.

Pat Smith,

I was interested in getting access to the Flames to Feathers videos – the squares and sashing project. It’s missing in the new store… It’s available as download I’m hoping… Thanks!


Whew! Glad to have you back, I think I was having withdrawal, but fortunately I have had classes to keep me occupied for the past couple of days. Things here with your new site are looking great. Keep up the good work and the free videos as some of us really need those. Thanks, Leah (and family).

Polly O'Malley,

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