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Spring Into Free Motion Quilting! Starflower Vine Quilting Tutorial

It's time to Spring into Free Motion Quilting! This new little mini-quilting series features flower / spring themed designs, all to help your quilts bloom beautifully this month. Let's kick off this fun series with a new design called Starflower Vine:

Tips for Quilting Starflower Vine

I admit, I didn't particularly love this design after quilting it on my home machine. Starflower Vine needs more space to branch out and bloom! Make sure to stitch this into borders or across your entire quilt as an All-Over Quilting Design.

Starflower Vine Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

It really doesn't work stuffed into a block or stitched on the diagonal. And this is just one of those things you can't learn until you quilt it. I hope you enjoy learning along with me as we grow and bloom as quilters.

Where Should We Quilt Starflower Vine in Our Quilts?

I honestly thing Starflower Vine can work best as an All-Over Quilting Design. To do this, basically pick an angle on your quilt and stitch your stem. This sets the foundation for the design and allows your Starflower "petals" to grow off in random directions.

On a table setup (stationary machine), this design can expand and grow in any direction, infinitely. On a frame, you're limited to the horizontal space available within your quilting area. For more clarification on this, check out this video.

Where do you plan to quilt this design? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

P.S - I shared an additional 60 second tutorial for Starflower Vine in a very different format - Sketchy Style! What do you think of this tutorial style?

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