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How to Add a Crochet Edging to Any Garment

I recently found some tank style onesies for Betty that were super cute, until she started crawling. The neckline was too flimsy and the front pulled awkwardly. I decided to fix the problem with a touch of crochet. Learn how to add crochet edging to any garment in this video:

Here are some links that help support our site and make it easy for you to find all the gear I'm using in this video:

Plain tank style baby onesies

Slotted rotary cutter blade

Much nicer rotary cutter than I was using in this video

Big tapestry needles and a pretty case

Feels Like Butta Yarn

Size F (3.75 mm) crochet hook (actually a really nice set)

In the video above I used this slotted blade for my rotary cutter to cut the evenly spaced holes. You could use a stiletto, sharp needle or ice pick  instead, but I think the rotary cutter will be the easiest.

Feels like Butta Lion Brand yarn is my favorite yarn right now, partly because it’s so lightweight and soft, and partly because it looks great after washing. I’ve thrown this onesie in the wash several times and it’s still looking great!

How to Add a Crochet Edging on Any Garment

The best part about adding crochet to any garment is making our clothing more creative!

Crochet edging on any garment

In the video I shared steps to cut the holes and stitch a foundation row, and you might be wondering about the actual patterns I used. Most crochet books will have instructions for different edgings and there are probably whole books on edgings to play with.

Crochet Edging Patterns I’ve Used So Far:

Note - I consider what we stitched with a needle and yarn the Foundation Stitches. So Row 1 begins stitching into the foundation stitches along the edge of the garment.

Crochet edging on Baby Onesie

Crochet Scallop Edge

Row 1: *2 sc in one foundation stitch, 1 sc into next foundation stitch* repeat around. Slip stitch into first sc to complete row.

Row 2: *sc, skip 2 sc, 5 dc into next sc, skip 2 sc,* repeat around. Slip stitch into first sc to complete row.

Row 3: sc into the back loop of each st in the row below. Slip stitch into first sc to complete row.

Lacy Crochet Edging

Crochet Lacy Edge

Row 1: *2 sc in one foundation stitch, 1 sc into next foundation stitch* repeat around. Slip stitch into first sc to complete row.

Row 2: Ch 3, *ch 1, dc 1* repeat around. Slip Stitch into third chain to complete row.

Row 3: Sc into each stitch from the previous row.

Add a crochet edge to any garment

Ripple Crochet Edging

Row 1: 2 sc into each foundation stitch. Slip stitch into first sc to complete row.

Row 2: 2 sc into each sc in Row 1. Slip stitch into first sc to complete row.

But What About Decreasing and Increasing?

If you're crocheting an edge on a neckline, you may need to decrease stitches as you go. With Betty's onesie, the corners were fairly sharp and it was easy to decrease a stitch or two while maintaining the pattern.

When in doubt, I ripped out a few stitches and tried again. This is a perfect opportunity to play with crochet, to be creative and to try out different stitch combinations.

This is not something that needs a hard and fast pattern because you're going to have a different number of stitches with every garment you crochet.

So have fun, be creative, and let's add crochet edgings to everything!

Let's go crochet,

Leah Day

P.S. Would you like to crochet a Granny Square? I have a video on that too right here.


Betty is so cute and looks so happy. I like your idea on how to dress up the onesays , it’s ideal way of adjusting the neckline for a better fit around babies neck.


She is so cute. I love pictures of her and your inspiring quilting. Thanks for sharing.


Betty is absolutely gorgeous

Jacqui Howarth ,

I love your website and all the informative information you place on it. Your baby Betty looks like her big bother. You are such a good mother. Happy Mothers day. I know it is over, but being a mother is an everyday comment.


Adorable: Betty and the crochet. Can’t believe how she’s grown. I think I’ll try the crochet on a tank neckline. Thanks for sending instructions. I want to hug & squeeze Betty.


I love this idea. I was thinking of crochet on the edge of a pillow case. I think I would use a different thread instead of yarn. Thanks for the video.

Freeda Marino,

Love your baby girl – she is adorable and is so happy!! great job, Mom!! – also, thank you for all your newsletters and the videos you share with us. I am just getting into quilting – 79 years young!! never too late to getting started. thank you again for your inspiration and sharing.


Leah, thank you for this video. I saw a baby blanket made from a piece of fleece with crocheted edging and was wondering how to do it. Now I know! Betty is growing so big! So cute, too!


I’m not a crochet person but enjoyed seeing your special girl,cutie.


Betty is the perfect model! You are so lucky that she participates and smiles. Wait till she learns about getting a salary!


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