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How to Make a Sunflower Hat

Hello my crafty friends! A few weeks ago I created a beautiful rose flowered hat for a Kentucky Derby party. But once the party was over, I didn't stop wearing the hat because it was such an easy, fun way to feel pretty (and hide my bad hair days). I decided to make another hat, this time with pretty sunflowers and teach you how to make one too!

Making your own flowered hat is not expensive. You just need a hot glue gun and sticks, popsicle sticks or something similar to protect your hands from the glue, an assortment of flowers and leaves and a cheap hat. I may have spent $25 total to make this sunflower hat.

how to make a flowered hat

My goal with the sunflower hat was to make a pretty accessory that was a bit less formal than my rose hat, which is a bit over the top!

how to make a flower derby party hat

It's so nice to be able to grab a hat and slip it on as I'm walking out the door. If I haven't bothered to comb my hair (which is most days, let's be honest), the hat completely covers my messy bun and I feel nicely dressed up.

I also get a lot of nice compliments when I wear either of these hats. You wouldn't think it's a big deal, but people really enjoy seeing pretty things and I think by wearing a funky, fun floral hat, you make the world a prettier, happier place!

how to make a sunflower hat

Now if you're wanting to take this even further, there is no limit to what you can do with plastic flowers:

flower girl costumer Leah Day

This is my Flower Girl costume which includes a full face mask with massive flowers and train, a 6 foot wide hoop skirt and draped ball gown. Getting into this costume is as much fun as wearing it! Here's a video on how I become Flower Girl:

I wear this costume to outdoor events and festivals for fun. I enjoy taking pictures with kids and making adults laugh. Because this mask covers my entire face, it feels like I become someone different when I wear it.

It's also an adventure to wear the full hoop skirt and draped dress. What's funny is most people assume I'm super hot when I wear this, when actually the space inside the hoops is quite cool.

flower girl costume Leah Day

Building this costume was a bit more involved. The mask itself was built from two mask bases, then the flowers were mounted on a piece of wood with 2 inch long drywall screws. Once the biggest flowers were stable and the base of the mask created, I switched to hot glue and covered the mask base with green fabric, then using the exact same technique as the sunflower hat, attached flowers and greenery all over the surface.

The flower mask was a lot more involved and took several weeks from start to finish. Still, if you're wanting to really bloom, this is a really fun crafty project to create!


Great question Linda! The Flower Girl mask actually includes the full face mask so that is painted plastic – not my face. It takes about 5 minutes to pull on the entire costume if I have a helper to hand me each piece. It’s a bit complicated, but basically I wear leggings and a tank top, and everything goes on top!

Leah Day,

I bet it is also a “bit more involvement” getting in and out of the porta-potty!! Or wear adult diapers!!! Beautiful costume. How long to get dressed and in make-up??

Linda Clark,

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