Rear Handlebars for Grace Longarms

$ 189.95 

Control Your Longarm from the Back of the Machine!

In order to quilt pantographs from the back of the machine, you'll need this set of rear handlebars. The bars come with the same push-button control as the front handlebars and make it easy to turn the machine on and off, adjust your stitch length, and needle up / down.

Please select the correct Rear Handlebars for your machine:

Qnique 15M, 15R, and 21 - The Rear Handlebars for these three longarms are slightly cheaper because they do not include a monitor screen. 

Qnique 15 PRO, 19, and 21 PRO - These Rear Handlebars will have an additional monitor screen included and will cost more.

To quilt pantographs, you will also need a Qnique Laser Light available here.

How to Move the Monitor Screen

For the Qnique 15M, 15R, and 21, you can move the screen from the front handlebars to the rear handlebars. To do this turn off the machine and unplug the screen from the front. Insert it into the slot on the rear handlebars and turn the machine back on.

You do not have to move the monitor screen unless you want to. The buttons will function exactly as you've set the front handlebar buttons for left or right handed settings.

What do you need to quilt with Pantographs on your Qnique longarm?

Find the 3 things you need here:

Rear Handlebars Qnique Longarm

Rear Handlebars

Qnique Laser Light

Qnique Laser Light

Pantograph Quilting Designs


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