Hide Your Threads Kit


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Do you hate dealing with the loose threads in your quilts? It's time to make this process easier and quicker with a set of special easy needles and magnet pin cushion!

This quilting kit comes with:

cheater needle | how to hide thread tails

Cheater Needle - Tie a knot and pop your threads quickly into the eye of this needle. Secure the threads in the middle layer of the quilt and clip off for a seamless finish. No fussing around with threading a needle the traditional way and struggling to see the eye!

Pin Place Magnetic Pincushion - Stop searching for your cheater needles when you need them. Keep a single needle on the top of this tiny magnet and secure it to the top of your table with the suction cup. Now you know exactly where your cheater needle is at all times and you can easily grab it and hide those threads as you quilt!

Learn how to hide your thread tails in this video with Leah Day:

Many times quilters will build up threads to start and stop quilting, which creates a noticeable knot on the surface of the quilt. This knot both looks and feels unsightly and, even worse, it's not really secure. This type of knot can easily unravel, allowing your quilting stitches to come apart.

The best way to deal with loose thread tails is to tie them off and bury them in the middle layer of the quilt. This technique comes from hand quilting and it's very secure, completely unnoticeable, and with a little practice it will become a quick habit to grab a cheater needle, hide your thread tails, and get back to quilting.

The trick with making anything a habit is to make it easy and accessible. You're never going to want to bother with it if you always have to hunt down your cheater needle every time you need to bury your threads.

cheater needle | how to hide thread tailsKeep your cheater needle always accessible by placing it on a Pin Place, the smallest magnetic pincushion so it's always handy and won't get lost in a massive pile of needles.

When you start quilting, get a few inches away from your starting point and tie off and bury the thread tails. This way you're not building a large supply of threads you have to tie off all at once.

By incorporating this technique into your routine and keeping your cheater needle close by your machine, this step will be easy and quick to accomplish, and your quilting stitches will be more secure as well!