Pin Place Magnetic Pincushion

$ 5.99 

small magnetic pincushionThe Pin Place is a super small, 1 1/4-inch pincushion, perfect for keeping a single needle, pin, or pair of scissors next to your sewing machine so they don't get lost in the clutter.

Big magnetic pincushions are terrific for holding bigger pins, but a single needle would get lost in a pile of straight pins. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

The Pin Place's small magnet size guarantees you won't lose your needle in a sea of other pins.

The suction cup bottom keeps the Pin Place will stick in one spot where you can easily find it. Small magnets can easily get lost in the clutter, so having the ability to stick it to one dedicated spot out of the way is a great advantage.

Hide your Quilting Threads KitSpecial Note from Leah Day: I use this mini magnetic pincushion to hold a single cheater needle next to my machine. As I'm quilting, I can quickly grab the cheater needle, tie off and hide the loose thread tails on my quilt, and immediately get back to quilting.

Having the cheater needle handy on a Pin Place means I'll never have to go hunting through my drawers and bins to find a needle when I need it!

Save on a pack of Cheater Needles and a Pin Place in the Hide Your Threads Kit!