Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit

Get everything you need to start free motion quilting in one box!

The Grace Company has put together a new Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit to help you get started quilting on your home machine or longarm. Check out what comes in the box:

Here's a list of everything that comes in this Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit:

Grace Starter Quilt Panel - 24-inch wide panel printed with over a dozen simple designs. The fabric simulates patchwork so you can get lots of practice in a small space.

Free Motion Starter Guide - Learn how to prepare your quilt sandwich and load your Grace Frame!

Batting and Backing Fabric - Just the right amount of batting and backing fabric to load any Grace Frame with or without leader cloth.

2 Spools of Finesse™ 500 yd Thread - Give Grace's Finesse thread a try with a smaller spool and see how you like it!

Tracing Practice Sheets - Building muscle memory is the best way to master free motion designs. Practice tracing and drawing on these sheets, then place them on your fabric and practice moving the machine over the paper, just to get the movement logged into your mind and body.

3 M Class Bobbins - Three prewound M Class bobbins for use in any Qnique Longarm.

3 L-Class and 3 15-Class Bobbins - Three prewound bobbins for home machines.  Check your home machine manual to see if you need to use a 15-Class (A Style) or L-Class bobbin.

1 Tracing Pencil with Sharpener - Trace the designs on paper or on your fabric with this tracing pencil.

Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit

Follow along with Leah as we unbox the Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit
and begin quilting together!

Unboxing the Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit

Unboxing the Starter Kit

How to Load a Hoop Frame with Leah Day

How to Load a Hoop Frame

Free Motion Quilting Warm Up for Beginners

Quilting Warm Up and Wiggles

Quilting Loops and Shells

Quilting Loops and Shells

How to Sew a Frame Weight

How to Sew a Frame Weight

Quilting with a Frame Weight

Quilting with a Frame Weight

Start Quilting Circles Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit

Start Quilting Circles

Start Quilting Loopy Hearts

Quilt Loopy Hearts

Free Motion Quilting Spiral Chain Beginner Design

Beginner Quilting Design Spiral Chain

Stitch in the Ditch with Rulers

Stitch in the Ditch with Rulers

Leah Day has shared a Start Quilting Series of 10 videos featuring the free motion quilting starter panel. Follow along with the videos linked above and get the most out of this beginner quilting kit.

Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit Loaded Hoop Frame

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