Unboxing the Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit - Start Quilting #1

Grace Company has created a new Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit to help us get started quilting! See what comes in the box in this video:

Click Here to pick up your Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit!

New Start Quilting Video Series

To help you get the most from your Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit, I've created a new series of videos that will cover all the basics to quilting on a home machine on a Hoop Frame Pro.

Here is the quilting setup I'll be using in this series:

Janome 8200 Sewing Machine

Q-Zone Hoop Frame Pro

Convertible Darning Foot

Frame Quilting Foot Set

Start Free Motion Quilting on ANY Machine 

Yes, I'll be quilting on a home machine on a hoop frame, but the information in this series will work for any type of machine (home machine or longarm) and in any setup (table or frame).

The goal is to get the most out of our free motion quilting practice panel. Yes, you could stitch across the printed lines one time and call it done.

But I believe in getting more bang for my buck!

Beginner Free Motion Quilting Practice Panel

I stitched my panel up a notch and literally filled every inch with as much quilting as I possibly could. This took hours to fill, but that was the goal!

I wanted to get better at quilting on my frame and more comfortable using my Janome 8200. I can't accomplish these goals unless I put in the time and effort - and that means a lot of stitches!

So if that sounds like something you want to do too, pick up your Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit today and follow along with the videos shared each week through June!

Check out more videos in this series:

How to load your Hoop Frame

Free Motion Quilting Warm Up and Beginner Designs

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