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Disappearing Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern Using Fat Quarters

Ready to create a fun and simple quilt? We're going to piece easy Nine Patch quilt blocks from twenty fat quarters, then POOF! make them disappear to create this beautiful Disappearing Nine Patch quilt!

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt 
Finished Size: 52 inches square
Disappearing Nine Patch free quilt pattern | quilt tutorial

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 Fabrics from Your Stash

This is another fat quarter quilt! Last month we used fat quarters to piece the Mega Pinwheel Star quilt and this month we're using 20 fat quarters for this Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt.

You'll need 10 fat quarters of a fun print like the Mirage fabric by Alex Anderson. You'll also need another 10 fat quarters of solid fabric. I used solid Kona Cotton fat quarters from my stash that coordinated with the print fabrics to create my quilt.

But what if you don't have lots of fat quarters to use up?

Disappearing Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern

Another option that would simplify the look of the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt and make it less scrappy would be to use one solid color of background fabric instead of the fat quarters. If you want to do this, just pick up 2 1/2 yards of a solid color background fabric instead of the 10 solid fat quarters.

Tips on Piecing a Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt TutorialThis quilt is super fast and easy to quilt because you begin with simple Nine Patch quilt blocks. When piecing the blocks, carefully pin and match the seams so that when you finish the blocks the seams match nicely together.

After piecing the Nine Patch you make the block disappear by cutting it in half horizontally and vertically. This creates a unique Quarter Nine Patch block that you can arrange in many creative ways.

In the video I played around with the arrangement a bit to show you a few possibilities for your Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt. You can arrange all the blocks so the small corners meet in the middle like this:

Disappearing Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern

If you rotate two corner blocks that will put the small squares in two corners and that creates a cool effect for your Disappearing Nine Patch quilt as well:

Disappearing Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern

Or you can arrange the quilt so the small squares rotate with each row like this:

Disappearing Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern

This is a great arrangement if you're worried about the seam lines not matching exactly on your Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt. The only seam lines that have to match are the ones connecting the blocks together.  

Not having to match so many seams will make the quilt piecing much faster so you can complete your quilt top quickly!

But how do we quilt it?

This is a very happy scrappy quilt which means there's not a lot of space for your quilting design to shine. On quilts like this it's best to keep the quilting design simple and utilitarian so you can secure the layers together quickly so the quilt can be enjoyed.

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