Friendship Quilt Along

Leah Day Friendship Quilt AlongIt's time to gear up for a new skill building sampler quilt along! 

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The Friendship Sampler Quilt Along is a 12 month quilting project designed to teach you how to piece and quilt a beautiful scrappy quilt one block at a time. Yes, the blocks are pieced and quilted separately, then put together at the end to create the finished quilt.

How big is the quilt?

For the first time ever, I’ve designed FIVE different quilt sizes! Choose from baby, throw, twin, queen or king and follow the charts found in the Block 1 Pattern to purchase your materials and know how many blocks you will need to make from each pattern.

Leah Day Friendship quilt along throw size

Each month new block patterns and tutorials will be shared to guide you through the process of making your Friendship Sampler Quilt. Here’s the schedule:

  • 1st Day of the Month – New block pattern available to download
  • 1st Monday of the Month – Piecing tutorial
  • 2nd Monday of the Month – Quilting tutorial on your home machine
  • 3rd Monday of the month – Quilting tutorial on a longarm*

*No, you don’t need a longarm in order to participate! I’m sharing two different quilting ideas for each block because I’m making a king sized quilt. All quilting designs can be quilted on any type of machine. Yes, if you so desired, you can make the Friendship Quilt king sized on a domestic machine.

Let’s Make a Super Scrappy Friendship Quilt

This quilt is the perfect scrap buster! If you have a big collection of fabric scraps, you can get a head start by slicing your stash into 5-inch squares.

Scrap blocks for Leah Day's Friendship Quilt Along

A true friendship quilt includes scraps collected from several friends. Over the past year, Dad and I have been slowly slicing up my entire fabric stash and you will soon be able to find a pack of thirty 5-inch precut squares from me.

I’d love to be a part of your friendship quilt and to see the fabrics I collected for years used in hundreds of quilts. We’re going to limit one pack of squares per person and they will go on sale on Thanksgiving, November 22nd.

Will this quilt along work with precut charm packs squares?

Yes, but you may need a few extra squares.

Some charm packs have a pinked or zigzagged edges. This reduces the amount of fabric you have over all and you might not be able to cut as many pieces from the square. For this reason, yes, you can use precut 5-inch squares, but you may need just a bit more fabric for certain blocks.

Can I use yardage instead?

Absolutely. Cutting all of your Fabric A pieces from yardage will be more efficient than cutting from 5 inch squares. I've included fabric calculations for cutting from both scrappy 5-inch squares and cutting from yardage so you can use either one.

What size are the blocks?

The blocks are super sized. You'll find exact measurements in each pattern as they become available the first of the month. You'll get a lot of practice piecing and quilting for every block.

Leah Day Friendship quilt along

But how do I quilt it?

This is the best part of my quilt alongs! We don’t just piece the blocks, we quilt them together too.

For this quilt along were going to explore four fantastic styles of machine quilting:

  • Walking foot quilting – this is a very easy style of quilting that uses a walking or even feed foot. Because the machine and this special foot does most of the work for you, this style of quilting is perfect for beginners.
  • Free motion quilting – this style of quilting uses a darning foot and allows you to quilt more complex designs because you can easily rotate the quilt in all directions quickly. The upside is increased movement, but the downside is this style of quilting requires a bit more practice to get the hang of. Don't worry though I have lots of skill building exercises to share along the way!
  • Ruler foot quilting: this is a type of free motion quilting, but with a special ruler foot and rulers to guide the design. You'll still have the same freedom of movement as free motion quilting, but the ruler can help you stay in better control over your quilting design.
  • Longarm quilting: for the first time I'm incorporating longarm quilting into a quilt along. Each month I'll stitch out a block on my home machine, then try a totally different design on my long arm. No, you don't have to have a long arm in order to participate. All the designs I share can be quilted on any style of machine and with any style of quilting.

What is the quilting design?

This is the part of the quilt along that will be a mystery. You won’t know how we’re going to quilt the block until the tutorials are released for that month.

Friendship Quilt Along from Leah Day

    I can't wait to see all the beautiful, super scrappy quilt blocks we are going to make together in the Friendship Samper Quilt Along. You’re sure to not only bust your fabric stash, but also learn a lot about quilt piecing and many fun forms of machine quilting!

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