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Machine Quilting a Baby Quilt Quickly and Easily

Tonga Treat precut fabric

This past week I was sent a pack of Tonga Treats from Timeless Treasures to play with. These precut packs of batik fabrics are awesome treats for beginning quilters because each pack comes with a super easy quilt pattern. Just grab a treat and you're ready to create a new quilt!

I started with a Tonga Treat Mini Petals which should be easy to find in your local quilt shop in a few weeks (February 2016). It includes a super easy quilt pattern that will create a beautiful patchwork baby quilt.

But there's just one problem. The instructions just say "quilt as desired" so how are we going to quilt it?

Quick and Easy Machine Quilting Tutorial

Learn how I decided to quilt this pretty little baby quilt in this new video:

I decided to cover the quilt with a very easy design called Sharp Stippling and to machine quilt it All Over Style. This large scale style of quilting is a great choice for quilts you wish to finish quickly.

Quick and Easy Machine Quilting Tutorial

Another reason this was a great choice for quilting design is because of the fabric colors and patterns. This collection of batiks are strongly patterned so a more complex quilting design just isn't going to show up!

Machine quilting in this All Over Style is a great way to practice a single quilting design. You may not know the design very well to start, but by the time you finish quilting even a small quilt like this, you'll definitely have the hang of the design.

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