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Articles All About Quilting: Piecing, Embroidery, Machine Quilting and More!

Quilt Along with Leah DayLearn every step of the quilt-making process from piecing to applique, basting to machine quilting. Leah Day has shared dozens of articles on patchwork and quilting with videos to guide you along the way!

Looking for a fun step-by-step quilt project to get started with? Check out our beginner and skill-building quilt along projects! Click Here to find all the quilt along projects shared so far.

Quilt Piecing / Patchwork

Looking for an exhaustive guide revealing all of the tricks for patchwork? Click Here to check out Leah's book How to Piece Perfect Quilts

How to Clean and Oil Your Sewing Machine

How to Clean and Oil your Sewing Machine

how to piece half square triangles
How to Piece Half Square Triangles

strip piecing basics for quilting
Strip Piecing Basics

how to prepare fabric for quilting
How to Prewash Fabric for Quilting

how to build pressing board
How to Build a Firm Pressing Board

how to starch your fabric
How to Starch and Square Fabric

 how to block a quilt
How to Block a Quilt

how to piece a nine patch quilt block
How to Piece a Nine Patch Quilt Block

how to bind a quilt
How to Prepare a Quilt for Binding

how to machine bind a quilt
How to Bind a Quilt by Machine

how to finish binding a quilt
How to Finish Quilt Binding by Machine

batting for quilt
How to Pick the Best Batting for Your Quilts

how to piece hourglass squares

How to piece hourglass squares


Free Motion Quilting

Introduction to Free Motion Machine Quilting

Should I Drop my Feed Dogs?

Free Motion Quilting Tips

How to Break Your Darning Foot

How to Set Up Your Sewing Machine for Quilting


Free Motion Quilting Design Gallery

Learn How to Free Motion Quilt Stippling

Learn How to Free Motion Quilt McTavishing

Learn How to Free Motion Quilt Paisley

Learn How to Free Motion Quilt Pebbling

Walking Foot Quilting

Looking for more information on walking foot quilting? Click Here to find the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day.

Walking Foot Quilting Basics

How to Quilt Echoing with a Walking Foot

How to Quilt Gridlines with a Walking Foot

How to Quilt Rays with a Walking Foot

How to Quilt Wiggles with a Walking Foot

How to Quilt Zigzag Path with a Walking Foot

Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day

 The Crafty Cottage Renovation

outdoor sewing studio

Converting a Shed to a Craft Room

Budgeting for the Crafty Cottage

Selecting the Shed to Renovate

Shed Preparation and Delivery

Insulating the Shed Floor

crafty cottage she shed sewing studio

Wiring and Paneling the Shed Walls

Powering Up the Electricity in the Crafty Cottage

Paint, Lighting and Carpet in the Converted Shed

Organizing the New Craft Room

Crafty Cottage Update! One Year Later

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