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Tumble Through the Looking Glass Free Quilt Pattern

What does Alice see as she tumbles through the Looking Glass? This scrappy quilt showcases a beautiful array of Alice and Wonderland themed fabrics pieced together with easy tumbler shapes!

Tumble Through the Looking Glass Quilt Pattern - Finished Size 50 x 60 inches

Tumble Through the Looking Glass Quilt Pattern

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To make this quilt you will need template #3 from the Dresden Plate Template Set. This small tumbler shape can be used to make beautiful Dresden Plate blocks as well as tumbler quilts like this!

Extra Quilting Tips and Tricks

Tumble Through the Looking Glass is a rather large throw sized quilt and you will need to cut a lot of tumbler shapes to create it. To speed up the process make sure to starch and press your fabric and precuts before cutting. This will make it much easier to cut the fabric into 5-inch strips, then cut the tumbler shapes quickly from the strips.

My goal this month was to use up as much of the fabric from the precut pack as I could and we definitely accomplished that! From each precut square I cut three or four tumbler shapes and I tried to keep them in sets of 2 so they would form the pretty matching color diamonds on the quilt.

How to align tumbler shapesWhen it comes to piecing, be careful to line up the tumbler shapes as I showed in the video above. It's rather hard to describe so I created a handy graphic for you to see - the two tumblers are aligned so when you take your first stitch 1/4 inch from the edge you are stitching through both tumbler shapes.

You can mark a 1/4 inch line from the edge of the top tumbler to help line these shapes up nicely and eventually you will be able to visualize this without a mark.

Once you piece the tumblers together into rows, piecing the straight rows together is very fast and easy. Don't worry if your tumblers don't match up perfectly. Just try to stack them together the best you can and I often find it fits together just right with the least amount of fiddling. 

Eat Me. Drink Me. Quilt Me.

Collage Style Free Motion QuiltingSo how are we going to quilt this beautiful tumbler quilt? You could quilt inside each diamond shape with simple straight line echoes and depending on your batting that could be enough quilting for the entire quilt.

I also like the idea of filling in that random background with lots of texture and funky quilting designs. Pick three to five pretty free motion quilting designs and quilt them randomly over the surface. I call this style of quilting Collage Quilting because it's a mix of many different things that end up making a very pretty overall texture.

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