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This is a versatile set of ten templates that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of Dresden Plate quilt blocks, cut tumbler and circle shapes, and for ruler work machine quilting. Learn how to prepare your templates and cut a simple Dresden Plate Quilt Block in this video:

Dresden Plate BlockDresden Petals - Piece beautiful Dresden petals easily. Templates can produce 8 petals, 12 petals, and 16 petals. Mix and match to create dozens of Dresden Plate blocks that measure 11 - 12 inches in diameter.

You can also mix up the edge finishes of the petals with four different options - pointy, curved, straight, and fuse curve. This will change the effects and create even more Dresden Plate combinations!

Tumbler Templates - This set can also be used to cut Tumbler shapes to piece together to create unique quilts. Cut out the shapes from 5-inch strips of fabric. Arrange so the wide and narrow sides of the tumbler shape alternate to create a straight line. Piece together with a ¼ inch seam allowance to create rows of pieced tumbler shapes.

Ruler Foot Quilting Templates - This set of templates has been specially designed with a dual purpose – you can also use them for domestic ruler work quilting. Flip the template over so the etched lines face down on your quilt and use the edge of your template as a guide for ruler work machine quilting. The templates are 1/8 inch thick, so safe for ruler work quilting on your home machine, not on a longarm.

See how Leah used the templates to quilt a beautiful mini quilt:

Note: This template set is only designed for ruler foot quilting on home sewing machines, not on longarm machines.

How to Use the Dresden Plate Templates:

1. Peel off the brown paper backing from the back of each template. 

True Grips for Templates2. Attach a grippy material like True Grips to help grip your fabric. Attach the grips to the side with the etched lines so they can be used for ruler work quilting.

3. For templates #1, #3, and #5, cut a 5-inch strip of fabric, then cut out the petal shape, alternating the direction of the template to waste the least amount of fabric.

For templates #2, #4, and #6, cut a 5 1/4-inch strip of fabric, then cut out the straight sides of the petal shape, then the top curve carefully.

For the circle templates #7, #8, #9, and #10, cut a square of fabric 1/2 inch bigger than the circle and cut carefully with a small 28 mm rotary cutter. You can also mark the circle shape on freezer paper to cut out turning templates.

You can find more information on using your templates within the template set.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dresden Plate Template Set

How thick are the templates?

This set of templates is 1/8-inch thick which is the same thickness as most rotary cutting templates and rulers. They can be used for ruler work quilting on home sewing machines.

What is the size of the finished Dresden Plate?

This depends on the edge finish on the petals. If you have pointy, straight, or curved petals, the finished Dresden Plate will measure 11-inches. 

If you use the fuse curve finish, your finished Dresden Plate will measure 12-inches.

Can I use the templates for ruler quilting on my longarm machine?

No. These templates are only suitable for ruler quilting on a domestic / home sewing machine. They are 1/8-inch thick which means they could slip under a hopping-style longarm ruler foot and damage your machine.