Microtip Bottle 2 pack for Glue and Oil


$ 4.99 

Apply a drop of glue or oil exactly where you need it with this micro tip bottle! This set of 2 empty plastic microtip bottles will help you apply small amounts of liquid exactly where you need it most.

The bottles come with a plastic cap that's attached to the neck of the bottle so you'll never loose it. 

Sewing Machine Oil - Fill one bottle with sewing machine oil like so you can apply a single drop to exactly the right spots on your machine. The thin metal tip can access hard to reach spots inside your machine.

Microtip bottle for oiling your machine

Applique Glue - Use the second microtip bottle to hold Elmer's Glue or your favorite fabric glue for precision gluing of fabrics for applique.

Microtip bottle for gluing applique

When applying glue to the back side of applique, squeeze very lightly to apply only a thin stream of glue along the edge of the cut fabric shape. See how Leah uses this microtip bottle to applique a Dresden Plate Block:

Click here to find the Dresden Plate Template Set so you can easily cut and piece dozens of Dresden Plate Quilt Blocks!

Special Note from Leah Day: I use these microtip bottles every day when oiling my sewing machines or for applying glue to appliques. I love the thin metal tip and the plastic cap which can never get lost. I use Sew Rite oil when oiling my machine and my favorite glue for applique is regular white Elmer's school glue.

Note: The 2 Pack Microtip Bottle for Glue and Oil will arrive empty. Please fill with your favorite sewing machine oil and fabric glue.