Ceramic Fabric Marking Pencil


$ 14.99 

Mark all medium to dark fabrics with the Fons & Porter white ceramic marking pencil.

This special ceramic lead is specially formulated for fabric. It produces a bright, thin line that's easy to see while quilting, but easily brushes or erases off with the included eraser.

Ceramic Marking Pencil for fabric markingThis pen is best suited to marking medium to dark fabrics.

Instructions for use:

  1. Push down on the eraser to advance pencil lead

  2. Mark fabric lightly.

  3. To remove marks, use eraser, rub with a damp cloth, or launder.

Be sure to test this ceramic marking pencil on a scrap of fabric before using and make sure the marks erase or brush off completely to your satisfaction.

Learn how to use this pencil in this video:

Looking for a pen to mark light fabrics too? Check out the Fine Line Water Soluble Pen which produces a thin blue line that's easy to see and remove with water! We've put both pencil and pen together in one convenient marking kit, described below.

Fabric marking pencil kitSpecial Note from Leah: I'm always looking for a pencil or pen that produces a fine, bright light that's easy to follow, but also easy to remove after quilting. This particular marking pencil is perfect for marking darker fabrics and it includes plenty of ceramic lead and a long eraser which means it will last through many quilts. It's a great value all around!

Find both the Ceramic Fabric Pencil and Fine Line Water Soluble Pen in the Mark Your Quilt Kit!