Mark Your Quilt Kit

$ 17.99 $ 19.99

Mark both light and dark fabrics easily! This Mark Your Quilt Kit comes with two pens that make marking designs on your quilts easy and fun. This kit includes:

Fine Line Blue Pen - This water soluble blue marking pen is perfectly designed for marking lighter fabrics and it produces a fine, bright mark that's easy to see while quilting. These marks wash off with water, so after all your quilting is complete, simply immerse your quilt in water to remove the blue lines.

Fons & Porter Ceramic Pencil - This mechanical pencil is excellent at marking medium to dark fabrics with a thin, bright white mark. This specially formulated ceramic lead will stay in place while you're quilting, but easily erase off with the included eraser.

Learn how both the Fine Line Pen and Ceramic Pencil work in this video:

Pick up both excellent marking pens for a great kit price! Start marking your quilts easily with bright, fine lines so you can quilt the designs you like exactly where you want them.

Special Note from Leah: One of the most frustrating experiences I ever had with quilting was marking a white wholelcoth quilt then quilting the entire project only to find the marks refused to wash out. It was absolutely devastating, but it taught me an extremely important lesson about testing my fabric markers before using them.

Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilt Workshop

I've also learned to find what works and stick with it! I've been using both of these fabric markers for more than ten years. They have never failed to mark the quilting designs I wanted, and then disappear when the marks were no longer needed.

Would you like to learn more about marking designs on your quilts and quilting on the marked line?

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