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Your order also includes a downloadable worksheet pack with 30 full sized worksheets for the designs in the book.

Explore Walking Foot Quilting Worksheets
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Ready to Dig Deep into Walking Foot Quilting?
Explore this amazing form of machine quilting with Leah Day.

In this new book, you'll learn the basics and be ready to quilt real quilts with walking foot quilting on your home machine. In her causal teaching style, Leah will guide you through all the basics and beyond.

Explore Walking foot Quilting with Leah Day
  •  Includes seven detailed patterns for seven quilts, including one show-stopping wholecloth quilt pattern.
  • Get precise advice on auditioning and choosing the right design for your quilts.
  • Learn how to quilt 30 different walking foot quilting designs.
  • Troubleshoot with Leah as she shares detailed steps for finding the culprit behind frustrating quilting mistakes.
  • Handle any quilt--even large size quilts--with ease.
  • Piece baste, machine stitch, and bind quilts with absolute confidence.

If you've been wanting to learn how to machine quilt on your home machine, but struggling to master free motion quilting, walking foot quilting will be right up your alley.

Walking foot quilting uses the feed dogs on your machine to guide the quilt forward evenly. Using this foot, you can quilt beautiful designs with evenly spaced lines and even better - consistent stitches throughout your quilt just by letting your walking foot do it's job.

In the book, Leah will teach you how to set up your machine properly and position the quilt so you can quilt easily on your home machine. Beautiful full color photos showcase the process of quilting the actual quilts in the book so you can see what it will realistically look like on your machine.

But isn't walking foot quilting boring? It's just straight lines...

That might have been what your grandma used her walking foot for, but in this book you'll learn how to quilt so much more than just straight lines. Leah has created seven beautiful quilt projects, including a stunning wholecloth quilt, to prove you can create amazing quilts with walking foot style quilting.

Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day

Even better, you'll learn how to use designs in creative ways on your quilts based on the time and energy you have for the project.

Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah DayBut what about videos? Do you need to SEE it to stitch it?

No worries there! Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day will also be the foundation for our 2018 Machine Quilting Party. Each week we'll share a new video walking you through the process of quilting a new design or constructing a new quilt from the book.

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You can work along with us as we build skills and advance, or you can skip ahead and create the quilts from the book as you'd like.

Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah DaySpecial Note from Leah Day: I began this book in 2015 after realizing I'd never really given walking foot quilting a chance. After having spent years digging deep into free motion quilting and sharing over a thousand videos online, I knew free motion quilting was a challenge for many quilters to master. 

Getting into walking foot quilting was a terrific adventure and I tried to approach it in a new way and see if some of my free motion designs would work with a walking foot. The great news is many fun, beautiful designs transferred over perfectly and are much easier to quilt with even spacing and consistent stitches with walking foot style quilting.

In fact, some quilting designs like Super Spiral are best quilted with a walking foot! If you'd like to send the world a signal that your quilts are made by you, on the home machine you're quilting on right now, walking foot quilting is definitely for you. 

I hope you're ready to jump in and have a wonderful adventure with me. Preorder your book today and let's begin exploring walking foot quilting together!

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