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2018 Walking Foot Quilt Along with Leah Day

Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah DayWelcome to the Walking Foot Quilt Along! In 2018, we made three quilts from the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day.

This is a past quilt along and all of the videos and tutorials have been posted.

Yes, you can still participate! Follow the videos and quilting tutorials linked up below to make these quilts. The tutorials will remain online indefinitely so please jump in anytime!

Where are the quilt patterns and materials lists? Find all of that information in the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day.

Click Here to order a print copy of the book.

Click Here to order a Downloadable Ebook version of the book.

Check out the quilts we made together during this quilt along! Find the quilting tutorials for each quilt listed below.

Walking Foot Quilt #1 - Marvelous Mosaic

Marvelous Mosaic Quilt | Explore Walking Foot Quilting

This Quilt-As-You-Go Quilt is perfect for learning how to quilt with your walking foot. The smaller blocks are each quilted individually, then put together with binding to create the finished quilt.

 Explore Walking Foot Quilting Walking Foot Basics Let's Quilt Crazy Lines
How to Quilt Bright Star How to Quilt Concentric Squares Let's Quilt Gridlines
Let's Quilt Super Wobble How to Quilt Zigzags How to Quilt Curving Lines
How to Quilt Jagged Plain How to Quilt Super Star How to Quilt Desert Sand
How to Quilt Pinstripes How to Quilt Matrix How to Quilt Square Spiral
How to Quilt Pinstripe Gridlines How to Quilt Concentric Circles How to Quilt Jagged Cosmos
How to Quilt Pinstripe Ziggie How to Quilt Crazy Grid How to Quilt Pinstripe Curves
How to Quilt Super Spiral How to Quilt Matrix Maze How to Quilt Wobby Cosmos
How to Quilt River path How to Quilt Crazy Ziggie How to Quilt Crazy Curves
Let's Quilt Pinstripe Maze How to Quilt Crazy Matrix How to Quilt Pinstripe Matrix
How to quilt Pyscho Ziggie Quilt As You Go Method

Walking Foot Quilt #2 - Rainbow Log Cabin

Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt | Machine Quilting Party

This is one of the largest quilts I've ever shared in a quilt along! At 80 inches square, it's definitely a lot of fabric to manage on a home machine. Challenge yourself to give this quilt a try and I promise you will learn loads about quilting, how to manage the bulk and weight of the quilt on your machine, and how to quilt three simple designs.

Tips for Picking Fabrics Prepare fabric and cut pieces Piece the Rainbow Log cabin quilt
Stitch in the Ditch Quilt Bright Star Quilting Concentric Squares
Preparing Quilt for Binding How to Bind by Machine Finishing Quilt Binding
Quilting to the Corners

Walking Foot Quilt #3 - Prism Path Baby Quilt

Prism Path Baby Quilt | Machine Quilting Party

I knew I wanted to make at least one baby quilt for this quilt along! This quilt is the perfect size for walking foot quilting and it's a great skill builder as well. You'll learn simple Bargello piecing too!

 Prep fabric for Prism Path Piece Strips Piece Quilt Top
How to Mark Prism Path Quilt Prism Path How to Quilt a Baby Quilt

Frequently Asked Questions about the Walking Foot Quilt Along

Can I still join this quilt along?

Yes! We don't have any sort of official sign up or registration. Just pick up a copy of Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day and work at your own pace.

Will the videos and quilting tutorials remain online? When will they go away?

Yes, the quilting tutorials and videos will remain online indefinitely. Barring no acts of God or forces beyond our control, we will never delete this information.

It was a lot of work to share these posts, and would be a lot of work to delete them so they're not going anywhere!

Where are the quilt patterns?

Find all of the patterns in Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day.

Click Here to order a print copy of the book.

Click Here to order a Downloadable Ebook version of the book.

Can I get just one pattern? I don't like them all.

No, I'm sorry. These patterns are not sold separately.

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