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Rock Out Your Qnique Longarm with These Grace Accessories!

Quilting on a Grace Qnique longarm is awesome, but there are a few accessories that make it even easier. Learn more about these accessories and why I use them every day:

Quilt Clips -  This pack of 4 specially designed clamps attach to the front rail of the Continuum II quilting frame. This allows you to skip the step of pinning the quilt to the bottom rail and adds extra tension to the quilt top.

Note: Quilt Clips are NOT compatible with the Hoop Frame, Hoop Frame Pro, or Cutie Frame

Watch how I use the Quilt Clips to secure my quilt to the frame in this video:

10 Pack of Quilting Needles Size 18 - A lot of quilting problems and thread breaks are caused by not using a big enough needle. This really bummed me out until I started using these Size 18 needles from Grace Company! These are special longarm needles compatible with all our Qnique Longarms.

Whenever you change your needle, make sure the eye of the needle is facing the bobbin case opening and the needle is fully seated in the shaft before tightening the screw.

10 Pack of Bobbins - High quality metal bobbins are essential for longarm quilting! No, bobbins from other longarm brands are not compatible with Grace Qnique machines. 

Bobbin Case - If you want to play around with your bobbin tension to do decorative bobbin thread work, having an extra bobbin case can be very handy. 

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