Quilt Clips Frame Clamps

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Quilt Clips allow you to quickly "Float" load your longarm frame. This pack of 4 specially designed clamps attach to the front of most rolling rail style frames.

Quilt Clips allow you to skip the step of pinning the quilt to the bottom rail and adds extra tension to the quilt top.

Which size of Quilt Clips do you need? Leah uses both sizes!

1 1/2 inch Quilt Clips - Blue - Use this size when your longarm rails measure 1 1/2 inch in diameter and for quilts with thinner battings.

2 inch Quilt Clips - Pink - Use this size when your longarm rails measure 2 inches in diameter and when working on quilts with very thick batting or thick backing fabric like Minky.

Note: Quilt Clips are NOT compatible or needed for the Cutie Frame, Cutie Breeze Frame, Q-Zone Hoop Frame, Q-Zone Queen, Evolution Hoop, or Evolution Elite Frames.

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Yes! Upgrade and expand to any size between 7-12 feet.


Quilt Clips Longarm Frame Clamps 1 1/2 inch

Quilt Clips Frame Clamps

$ 89.95
Quilt Clips allow you to quickly "Float" load your longarm frame. This pack of 4...

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  • 1 1/2 inch BLUE Quilt Clips
  • 2-inch PINK Quilt Clips
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