Color Spectrum 9 Fat Quarter Pack

$ 11.99 $ 24.99

The Color Spectrum Quarter Pack includes:

Fat Quarter Fabric A (Green 1) - Island Batik Bermuda
- Fat Quarter Fabric B (Green 2) - Island Batik Leprechaun
- Fat Quarter Fabric C (Yellow 1) - Island Batik Cheddar
- Fat Quarter Fabric D (Yellow 2) - Island Batik Gold
- Fat Quarter Fabric E (Yellow 3) - Island Batik Lemonade
- Fat Quarter Fabric F (Orange 1) - Island Batik Daffodil
- Fat Quarter Fabric G (Orange 2) - Island Batik Nasturtium
- Fat Quarter Fabric H (Red) - Island Batik Cherry
- Fat Quarter Fabric I (Purple) - Island Batik Purple

Leaf Peepers Quilt Kit

Originally the Color Spectrum Fat Quarter pack was designed for the Leaf Peepers autumn themed quilt along.

If you cut your fabrics carefully, you can make both the 40-inch Leaf Peepers wall hanging and 24 x 74-inch table runner quilts from this pack of 9 fat quarters. 

Leaf Peepers Quilt Along

What else will you need to make the Leaf Peepers Quilt?

- Leaf Peepers Quilt Pattern
- 1 2/3 yard of Background Fabric (W) - Island Batik Cream
- 2 yards Backing Fabric
- 1/2 yard Binding Fabric
- Batting - 80" x 30" for vertical arrangement OR 48" x 48" for square arrangement

Note: These fabric requirements calculated to create either the Leaf Peepers 40-inch square wall hanging or the 24 x 74-inch table runner.

Optional: the Mini Slide and Slice Quilting Rulers for ruler quilting on your home machine.

Match up the fat quarter colors with the letters in the Leaf Peepers Quilt Pattern:

Leaf Peepers Fat Quarter Colors