Luminess Light Bar

$ 449.95 

Light up Your Hoop Frame or Longarm with the Luminess!

 Luminess Grace Light Bar

The Luminess is the perfect lighting solution for any quilting frame, sewing table, or work area! The TRUE-COLOR light-balanced bulbs enhance the details of your projects. The Luminess is adjustable in height and width and is available in two sizes.

True-Color Light Balanced

The Luminess features a special True Color balanced lighting system that's perfect for artists and crafters. When you use a Luminess Light Station, you can rest assured that the colors you see are accurate, with no tinting or false-color casts. The True Color lights also reduce glare and soften shadows, while enhancing details and textures.

The low-wattage bulbs also produce more light while consuming less power, and putting off less heat than standard lighting systems.

Luminess Light bar for sewing and quilting

Designed to Fit Your Needs

The overall height of the Luminess can be adjusted, and the width can be resized to fit most any quilting frame, cutting table, or work area.

The Small, 6-foot long light bar fits perfectly around the Q-Zone Hoop Frame.

The Large, 11-foot long light bar will fit around the Continuum 8 and 10 foot frame.

To extend the length of the light bar, simply purchase as many 2 foot extensions as you need.

Note: We are only allowed to ship Grace Company products to physical addresses within the continental US. No PO boxes please. If you live outside of the US, please contact a Grace Dealer in your country.

Financing available with easy monthly payments!

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