Queen Supreme Quilting Kit


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Queen Supreme Slider | Free motion quiltingSuper-size your quilting station with the three best tools for free motion quilting!

This quilting kit comes with the following tools for free motion quilting:

Queen Supreme Slider - This super-sized slider is ideal for making your quilts easier to move under your needle. The special Teflon sheet is super slick on the top, but grippy on the bottom so you can attach it to your machine and table top easily before quilting. This giant version is perfect for quilters with bigger machines and 7 inches or more from the needle to the right side of the machine.

Machingers quilting gloves | free motion quiltingBy reducing all the friction between the table top and the quilt, you will now be able to move the quilt much easier, and with far less strain on your arms, shoulders, and back.

Machingers Quilting Gloves -  Get a grip! Machingers are lightweight nylon gloves with rubber tips that grip the surface of the quilt, allowing you to move it exactly where you want it to go. Students trying these gloves in class have often reported instantly feeling "in control" over their quilts. Click here for a sizing chart.

magic bobbin washersMagic Bobbin Washers - Are you tired of your thread breaking constantly? These little Teflon washers pop inside your bobbin case (both top and side loading) and help the bobbin spin more evenly. Using these washers will help reduce minor tension issues, backlash, and birds nests from forming as you quilt.

Special note from Leah: Since first learning to quilt in 2005, I've tried a lot of quilting tools. Out of everything I've tried from hoops to sticky lotion, these three tools have remained my constant companions for free motion quilting.

I know they work because whenever I forget to use them, my stitches are noticeably different: bigger, less controlled, and it feels harder to move the quilt on the machine.

This Queen quilting kit is the set I use every day on my Janome 8200 or Janome 1600P. The larger size slider is perfect for quilters with bigger machines like the Janome Horizon 7700 or Bernina 830.

If you're tired of fighting with your quilts or machine, give yourself a break and start quilting with tools that will make free motion quilting not just easy, but fun!

Frequently asked questions about this kit:

How will the Queen Supreme Kit help my quilting?

This super sized slider is perfect for all sewing machines, but quilters with larger machines that have at least 7 inches between the needle and the right side of the machine will benefit the most. The larger size covers more surface area on your table and will make quilting larger, heavier quilts much easier.

Do the Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers work in top loading bobbins or side loading bobbin cases?

Yes! The washers work for all home sewing machines, no matter if your bobbin is top loading or side loading.

To use the washers just place them in your bobbin case, or drop them into the bobbin well, then place your bobbin on top and thread it just like normal.

My bobbin case has a spring in it. Can I use the bobbin washers?

Yes. Just place the washer on top of the spring, place your bobbin on top, and wind the case like normal.

What size gloves should I buy?

Download a handy size chart right here. Print this page and line up your hand with the diagram to find your correct size. Make sure to select "print actual size" with no scaling or fitting to ensure the page prints to the correct size.