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Explore a New Form of Ruler Quilting with the Quilt Perfect Ruler Kit!

Grace Company has combined their TrueCut Technology with ruler quilting to create a new foot set designed to help you quilt with rulers perfectly!

This Quilt Perfect Ruler Kit includes the following ruler feet compatible with Grace Qnique Longarms:

Rolling Ruler Foot - This foot has a taller edge and ball bearing base, but is designed with a 1/2-inch wide base so it can be used with any brand of quilting rulers, including all of Leah's rulers designed for Grace Company.

With this Rolling Ruler Foot attached, you can press your rulers against the foot more firmly and achieve more precision with your quilting. The ball bearing base ensures the foot can glide along the edge of the ruler and not get hung up if you press too firmly.

TrueTrack Ruler Foot - This foot is designed with a spring loaded clip to lock the foot to any straight edge TrueCut Ruler. With the foot locked to the ruler, you'll be able to quilt straight lines, echo ditch, and stitch in the ditch more quickly. The foot locks the ruler in place so you can focus on quilting, not gripping the ruler so tightly!

Precision Ruler Foot - This foot includes precision pointers to alight your stitches with the markings on the ruler. Use this foot for precise echo ditching and evenly spaced lines.

Quilt Perfect Ruler Foot Kit Precision Ruler Foot

Standard Foot - A standard circular foot with low sides is also included this kit, along with a compatible collar so you can easily switch between the different feet.

TrueCut Ruler - This Quilt Perfect Ruler Kit comes with a 3 x 8-inch TrueCut Ruler to get you started ruler quilting. You can use any straight edge TrueCut ruler with these feet, so there are lots of angles and fun designs to explore with Grace Company and TrueCut!

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