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Assembling the Evolution Hoop Hybrid Frame

I'm setting up the new Evolution Hoop Hybrid Frame in my Crafty Cottage this week! See how to set up this frame and how it will look with a home machine or longarm in this frame assembly video:

Check out my new quilting system:

 Evolution Hoop Hybrid Quilting Frame

Evolution Hoop Hybrid Frame

Qnique 19X Elite Longarm Machine

Qnique 19X Elite Longarm Machine

Quilting Tool Caddy

Quilting Tool Caddy

First Impressions of the Evolution Hoop Frame

I found this frame very easy to build and very, very sturdy! I love the new ratchet design for locking the rails and the re-designed back rail clamps.

Evolution Hoop Hybrid Quilting Frame

This frame was very easy to build and I found the instructions and new packaging Grace Company is including very easy to follow.

The main benefit of this frame is the ability to evolve with you. You can use your home machine or a longarm, and you can upgrade and expand this hoop frame from 5 feet to an 8, 10, or 12 foot rolling rail Evolution Elite Frame.

The Evolution Hoop can also switch between Hooping style clamping and rolling rail style. I will be sharing a new video on how to switch between the styles and how to load the frame both ways!

A Few Details to Remember

You can begin with your home machine, so long as the machine arm is tall enough. We recommend having a machine with a minimum of 8 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in height to accommodate the new back rail clamps for this frame.

Evolution Hoop Frame Measure Harp Space

The Evolution Hoop Frame does take up a little more space than the Q-Zone Hoop Frame. I think having at least 7 1/2 feet for this frame is necessary so you can walk around to the back. Standing at the back of the frame is necessary for quilting with pantographs - a very popular quilting style!

Overall I'm super excited to quilt on this frame with my new Qnique 19X Elite. I can also still put a home sewing machine on this frame so I plan to do that a bit too.

Let me know what videos you'd be interested in watching on this new frame and I'll add them to the list!

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