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Beginner Free Motion Quilting Tutorial - Knotted Net

We're free motion quilting Knotted Net today on a home machine and my new Qnique 19X Elite longarm! Learn how to quilt this creative design both small and really large in this new quilting video tutorial:

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Are you short on time? Check out the 58 second version of this tutorial here!

Tips for Machine Quilting Knotted Net

This quilting design starts out really simply - stitch some wiggly lines in one direction across your quilt. This step sets the scale for the design - for bed quilts, make sure to leave at least 1/2-inch of space or more between the curving lines.

At this point, if you stitched more curves across the first set, you'd have Matrix. If you quilted straight lines, you'd make Matrix Rays.

To quilt Knotted Net, you will quilt a curve across, while at the same time stopping at each intersection with a previously stitched line and stitch a thread painted design.

Learn how to quilt Knotted Net

This takes some brain power! I didn't miss a line, but my curve got decidedly less curvy as I quilted. I do think it's easier to quilt once you get the first line stitched. Make sure that line is nice and curvy to give you a good foundation for the other lines.

Where Should We Quilt Knotted Net in Our Quilts?

I think this could work in all styles of quilts. For bed quilts, you could stitch across the blocks, adding the thread painted dots to really bling up the surface. I think this would look super cute on a simple scrappy quilt of 4 inch or 2 inch squares. The little knots would really tie the quilt together and add a visual punch to a simple quilt style.

For art quilts, you'll want to put this design somewhere it can stand out without distracting from the other elements of the quilt.

Where do you plan to quilt Knotted Net? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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