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Hand Quilting at Hart Square - Quilt Friends Podcast #149

This weekend was Hart Square Festival Day and I spent a few hours hand quilting in a beautiful log cabin. Check out highlights from the day and catch up with me about what's been going on around the house for the past several months:

Click Here to learn more about Hart Square. I'd love for more quilters to join me next year in working on our Double Irish Chain. It's a fun reason to dress up and enjoy a very different style of quilting for a day!

Check out my new Qnique 21X Elite Longarm Here - I love this new machine and I'm having so much fun making new tutorials to share all the features with you.

New Quilting Tool Caddy - I love hand making these tool caddies for all of my sewing machines. It's perfect for keeping tools handy, especially my single cheater needle for hiding threads.

Yes, more projects and fun tutorials are coming your way! I have lots of projects in progress including a rainbow landscape quilt, a quilt for Betty, and more!

Hand Quilting at Hart Square 2022


Lovely to hear your updates. Hope you and Betty recover quickly from the colds.


I’m making a charm quilt which I plan to hand quilt. I’m really looking forward to it.

Nancy Salmela ,

She is so beautiful! I’m glad you have a girl and hopefully she will enjoy your skills as well.
I enjoy all your work. You can break things down and make everything look so much easier.
Keep up all of your good work!
Take are,

Mary Mayfield,

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