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Free Motion Quilting Web Fill on Two Machines!

Today I’m free motion quilting Web Fill on both my home machine and longarm! Let’s see how this design works when quilted tiny and really big on our quilts:

Quilting Web Fill on a Home Machine

I’m quilting on an Eversewn home sewing machine using Isacord thread and a size 80/12 needle.

Web Fill is a great design for quickly filling background space. As you can see in the video, the spider webs expand to fill any space, any size.

Free Motion Quilting Web Fill Home Machine

You set your foundation for each shape with a wiggly star, then spiral out of the center with a dippy spiral.

“Dippy Spiral? Have you been eating too much Halloween candy, Leah?!”

I know it sounds silly but it’s the best way to describe a spiral that subtly curves inward as you bounce from line to line on the foundation star.

A few skills you’ll practice while free motion quilting Web Fill: travel stitching and hitting exact points as well as spiraling outward from a shape.

Longarm Quilting Web Fill

I only had a small corner of the practice quilt I used to get to know my new Qnique 21X Elite longarm, but it was enough space to quilt two spider webs.

An interesting discovery I made almost immediately was that the curving lines could be travel stitched at speed.

I found if I focused on the movements my hands made for the starting curve, I could duplicate the movements and end up travel stitching pretty close to the starting line.

Free motion quilting web fill longarm machine

Perfect? No, definitely not, but it is worth experimenting more with this concept of duplicating a physical movement. This is definitely easier feeling than super slow, teeth clenched travel stitching that never turns out perfect anyway.

I forgot to use my frame weight and that might have made this design work out better. More weight on top of the quilt would have meant more stability of the machine and possibly cleaner lines.

Ultimately I think Web Fill is a great choice for any style of machine and on any scale. This means this design can be quilted super tiny around delicate Halloween appliqués or massively across a pumpkin bedspread.

Do you have a spooky quilt to finish? While Halloween just passed for this year, it’ll be back again before you know it!

Let’s go quilt,

Leah Day

P.S. Web Fill was originally shared on Day 201 of the Free Motion Quilting Project. Click Here to find the original tutorial!

Free motion quilting design web fill


I learn so much watching your videos. Thanks so much.

Kathleen Jones,

Recently purchased a 15M setting up machine reading the instructions looking forward to try out the web fill. Need to prepare a large practice sandwich piece. Thanks, Leah

Linda ,

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