How to Piece a Delicate Double Dresden Ring - Block #6

Just how small and thin can we make our Dresden Rings? Let's find out with this Delicate Double Dresden Ring #6:

Dresden Plate Template Set

Circle Template Set

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How to Follow Along with this Dresden Plate / Ring Block Along

Remember – This is a Block Along, so we’re going to work block-by-block. No, there isn’t a pattern, fabric calculation, or a picture of the finished quilt yet.

Find links to all the blocks shared so far at the bottom of this post! The purpose of this project is to use up scraps or your favorite fat quarters. Working on one block at a time makes this a lot less stressful and encourages you to shop your stash for material. I’m planning to use up my stash of 1930s reproduction fabrics, which I’ve been saving for over ten years!

How to Piece Dresden Ring #6

This Delicate Double Dresden Ring is a beautiful example of the beautiful variety of shapes you can create using the Dresden Template Set. This also includes the smallest mini Dresden Ring I've made so far - just under 4-inches in diameter.

Delicate Double Dresden Ring

Preparation to Piece Dresden Ring #6

To make both 12 petal Delicate Double Dresden Rings, you’ll need the following materials:

Delicate Double Dresden Plate Ring Quilt Block

How to Piece Dresden Ring #6

Mini Ring - Cut 6 petals each from the Fabric A and B 1 1/2-inch wide strips using Template #3. Make sure to align the narrow end of the template with the edge of the strip and the 1.5 mark with the opposite edge.

Fold these petals in half, right sides together and stitch 1/4-inch from the wider end. Backstitch at the beginning and end of this stitching line to secure. Trim the seam allowance close to the fold, then turn the pointy petals right side out.

Piece the petals together in sets of 3, pressing the seam allowance open and flat, and then over to the darker fabric. Piece the sets together in sets of two, then the two halves together to form a mini ring:

Delicate Dresden Plate Mini Quilt Block

Yes, this is the smallest size Dresden Plate / Ring you can create using Template #3! Mine finished just under 4-inches in diameter.

To turn the inside edges under to form a circle, first create a turning template as illustrated in the video above and the 2-inch circle from the Circle Template Set. Clip the inner curve, then turn the edges using starch and a hot dry iron.

Outer Ring - Cut 6 petals each from Fabric A and B using Template #3, this time aligning the wide edge of the template with the top edge of the strip and the 2.5 mark with the bottom edge of the strip.

Follow the same steps above to create points on all the petals. To finish the inside edge, fold over the bottom edge of the petals 1/4 inch.

Piece the petals together in sets of 3, then piece the four quarters together to create this bigger Dresden Ring. 

How to Secure Your Dresden Ring

Fold your background fabric square in half and press to create crease lines running through the center in both directions. Align the mini Dresden Ring first, placing four pointy petals over the crease lines to center the ring on the background square.

Align the bigger ring the same way, with the points aligned with the crease lines. I choose to match up the same colors so the same colored petals were aligned from the inside ring to the outer ring, but this is of course entirely your choice.

Once the Dresden Ring is properly positioned, apply a thin layer of glue to all of the turned edges (both inside and outside each petal shape). I use a Microtip Bottle to control the flow of regular Elmer's school glue, which is basically concentrated liquid starch. Dry the glue quickly with a hot, dry iron to lock the Dresden Rings into position.

Finish the Dresden Rings with a bit of stitching around the inner and outer edges. I like to use a straight stitch, 1/8 inch away from either the raw or folded edge of the fabric. I’ve decided to use white thread throughout to make securing the 1930s fabrics down quick and easy.

We've now completed our Delicate Double Dresden Ring and the 6th Block in our Dresden Block Along. Join in the fun by picking up a Dresden Template Set today!

Let’s go Quilt,

Leah Day

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