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Quilting on a Hoop Frame Pro with a Janome 8200

I've recently moved my Janome 8200 to my Hoop Frame Pro to give me more space for quilting. See how much more I can quilt and what's changed in my quilting process:

What is the biggest difference quilting on a Janome 8200 verses a Janome 1600?

Space! The biggest difference is being able to quilt almost 8 inches of vertical space on the quilt.

On the Janome 1600, I had around 5 1/4 inches of vertical space. 

On the Janome 8200, I have almost 8 inches of vertical space. 

This vertical quilting space is very important because it determines how big of a quilt block or border I can stitch across in one pass. This is the difference of quilting this border in one go verses having to shift and re-clamp it two or three times.

I can comfortably quilt up to a 7 1/2 inch quilt block or border on the 8200. On the Janome 1600, I could only quilt up to 4 1/2 inch quilt blocks or borders. Anything bigger and I'd have to stop, unclamp, shift, then re-clamp the quilt.

Janome 8200 Hoop Frame

This is the biggest criticism of the Hoop Frames - having to stop and shift the quilt is time consuming and with a small machine on the frame it can feel like you're spending more time shifting / clamping than actually quilting.

But this issue is solved by using a bigger machine on your frame!

And just in case you're wondering, you can put any of the following longarm machines on this frame too:

Qnique 19

Qnique 16X Elite



You know the best thing about the Janome 8200? It is compatible with all three of these awesome accessories! I plan to add QCT to my Hoop Frame Pro soon and I can't wait to use a computer to stitch out beautiful designs on my quilts.


I have the 8200 Janome. I’m afraid of bending my shift on the cutie. Has this been a problem for you

Robin Campbell,

I have recently purchased the Q-zone hoop frame pro -Thank you for your excellent video on how to put it together. I also watched your video on the Janome 8200 which I have also. Do you use any other thread than Glide top and bobbin and what are all your settings? My problem is that my machine does nice free motion then snarls with eye lashes. I have Superior fine thread in the top and bobbin and a Superior top stitch needle size 12. Thank you


I’m so interested in this. Would you use a Janome 15000 with a hoop like for free motion quilting?


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