Quilting on a Hoop Frame Pro with a Janome 8200

I've recently moved my Janome 8200 to my Hoop Frame Pro to give me more space for quilting. See how much more I can quilt and what's changed in my quilting process:

Quick links to the tools and supplies used in this tutorial:

Janome 8200 Sewing Machine

Q-Zone Hoop Frame Pro

Convertible Darning Foot

Frame Quilting Foot Set

What is the biggest difference quilting on a Janome 8200 verses a Janome 1600?

Space! The biggest difference is being able to quilt almost 8 inches of vertical space on the quilt.

On the Janome 1600, I had around 5 1/4 inches of vertical space. 

On the Janome 8200, I have almost 8 inches of vertical space. 

This vertical quilting space is very important because it determines how big of a quilt block or border I can stitch across in one pass. This is the difference of quilting this border in one go verses having to shift and re-clamp it two or three times.

I can comfortably quilt up to a 7 1/2 inch quilt block or border on the 8200. On the Janome 1600, I could only quilt up to 4 1/2 inch quilt blocks or borders. Anything bigger and I'd have to stop, unclamp, shift, then re-clamp the quilt.

Janome 8200 Hoop Frame

This is the biggest criticism of the Hoop Frames - having to stop and shift the quilt is time consuming and with a small machine on the frame it can feel like you're spending more time shifting / clamping than actually quilting.

But this issue is solved by using a bigger machine on your frame!

And just in case you're wondering, you can put any of the following longarm machines on this frame too:

Qnique 19

Qnique 15Pro

Qnique 15R

Qnique 15M

What else have I added to my Janome 8200?

I've added a few accessories to make it easier to quilt on my Janome 8200 on my Hoop Frame Pro.

I've attached a Spool Stand to the back of the machine so I can use my favorite Isacord thread. This cone thread feeds best straight up off the top of the spool so a spool stand is ideal. You can contact us to order a Spool Stand for your Janome Horizon machine.

I've also attached a Sure Stitch Regulator to control the speed of the machine in relation to how fast I'm moving it on the carriage. This results in even stitches and gives me a button to control the machine on the handlebars, verses having to use the foot pedal on the floor (which can be annoying).

But as I mentioned in the video, using the Sure Stitch Regulator can be a little tricky for other things like winding your bobbin. James helped me move my machine in place and I honestly can't remember what we did with my foot pedal! Argh!

Make sure to watch the video to see how I solved this issue and wind bobbins now with the Sure Stitch Regulator attached.

Accessories to Make Quilting on a Frame Easier

Here's a few other accessories you can add to your Janome 8200 on the Hoop Frame Pro:

Grace Speed Controller

Speed Controller

Grace Sure Stitch Regulator

Sure Stitch Regulator

Quilt Motion QCT5 Home Machine

Quilt Motion QCT 5

You know the best thing about the Janome 8200? It is compatible with all three of these awesome accessories! I plan to add QCT to my Hoop Frame Pro soon and I can't wait to use a computer to stitch out beautiful designs on my quilts.

Don't forget to check out the awesome quilting equipment used in this tutorial:

Janome 8200 Sewing Machine

Q-Zone Hoop Frame Pro

Convertible Darning Foot

Frame Quilting Foot Set

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